Aleksandr Vitaly

Aleksandr Vitaly, born on September 1, 1992, didn’t think much of starting a YouTube channel — but time would prove that to be a wise decision, as he then became a successful YouTuber in the 2010s. He gained fame for being a Minecraft machinima at the time of its rise, appearing in the Machinima Happy Hour show, “Sanity Not Included.” As a YouTuber, not only did he manage and create content for his channel, ImmortalHD, but he was also part of the TheCreatureHub group and the Cow Chop gaming channel. Not active on YouTube anymore, he regularly streams on his Twitch channel. Read on to celebrate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Marchant


ImmortalHD, Aleks

Birth date:

September 1, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Aleksandr's Social Media:


Aleksandr Vitaly secured his place in gaming through YouTube, where he was incredibly successful. While the YouTube wave of gaming may be over, he still participates in gaming through Twitch. Vitaly was born Aleksandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Marchant on September 1, 1992, in Russia, although he moved to the United States when he was eight years old. His zodiac sign is Virgo and his ethnicity is Russian. He hasn’t talked about his family, so nothing is known about his parents or possible siblings. In 2008, while he was still in high school, he started his YouTube channel titled “ImmortalHD,” but he didn’t become a YouTuber just yet. After graduating from high school, he moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in graphic design. During his time in college, Vitaly started his career as a YouTuber, with the oldest video currently available on his channel dating back to May 2012. He ended up dropping out of college to dedicate himself to YouTube, moving to Los Angeles to do so.

From the beginning, Vitaly was focused on gaming and gaming-related content, first focusing on the first-person shooter game “Counter-Strike,” although he also played other games on the side. Some of his most successful early videos were “Immortal HD Gets Kidnapped!,” “Sniper Ghost Warrior,” and “Modern Warfare 3 In 30 Seconds.” Currently, the most successful videos on his channel from his entire YouTube career are “GOING ALL IN | CS: GO (JACKPOT)” (1.8 million views), uploaded in 2015, and “Nobs 4 Lyf — Music Video ft. Brother Blake” (1.6 million views), “MY BIGGEST OPENING (CASE OPENING #20) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “SMURF SEASON (OVERWATCH #3) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” and “INCREDIBLE AIM (OVERWATCH #2) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” all of which have over 1.2 million views.

In 2013, Vitaly also began to show an interest in “Minecraft” and was inducted into the
TheCreatureHub, an English-American group, and business created by and comprising a small group of YouTube commentators and Machinima makers. During his time with The Creatures, as the group called themselves, he joined fellow Creature SlyFoxHound’s band Stuck In Your Radio as the bass player. Vitaly also got involved with the Machinima Happy Hour YouTube channel, appearing on their show “Sanity Not Included,” through which he gained fame. In April 2016, he left The Creatures and founded a new joint channel called Cow Chop with fellow former Creature UberHaxorNova, where they uploaded content such as video game let’s plays, skits, and other humorous content. The last Cow Chop video was uploaded in 2019. Vitaly then turned to Twitch, where he streams himself playing video games such as Grand Theft Auto V.

Career timeline

Vitaly Joins YouTube

He creates his own channel, ImmortalHD, which is later renamed Aleks.

His Earliest Video

Vitaly’s oldest available video is uploaded, titled “Counter-Strike: Source In 30 Seconds.”

Vitaly Joins TheCreatureHub

The YouTube group and business induct him and make him a Creature, and he spends three years with the group.

Vitaly Creates a Joint Channel

Vitaly teams up with UberHaxorNova to create and run the channel Cow Chop, active until 2019.

Why We Love Aleksandr Vitaly

  1. Vitaly does what he loves

    A lot of people grew up wanting to play video games for a living. Vitaly’s skills, combined with his humor and personality, make him a perfect YouTuber and Twitch streamer, accomplishing that goal.

  2. He has kept himself relevant

    The online landscape certainly isn’t the same as when Vitaly first started uploading videos. However, he has managed to adapt to the changes and keep viewers interested in him.

  3. He has millions of followers

    Vitaly currently has 1.14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also has almost 400,000 followers on Twitch, over 300,000 on Twitter, and over 100,000 on Instagram.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Vitaly fears flying and Yetis

    Don’t take him on a plane or to the mountains!

  2. He loves dogs and cats

    Vitaly currently lives with his dog named Mishka and his cat named Celia.

  3. Vitaly used to have a tarantula

    He kept a pet tarantula named Spidarius until it passed away.

  4. His fans had a funny name

    Vitaly used to call his fans ‘nobs’ but has stopped doing so over the years.

  5. Vitaly’s favorite band is Touché Amoré

    He said in a video that the American post-hardcore band is his favorite.

Aleksandr Vitaly FAQs

Did Aleks leave Cow Chop?

No, Vitaly didn’t leave Cow Chop; he stayed in the channel until it became inactive in 2019.

Is Aleks adopted?

Yes, it would seem that Vitaly was adopted, though there’s no information about when this happened.

Are Aleks and James friends?

Despite Cow Chop ending, it would seem that UberHaxorNova and Vitaly are still friends.

Aleksandr Vitaly’s birthday dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday

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