Rapunzel ASMR

Ann Van den Broeck was born on September 1, 1986, and is known by her name on YouTube, Rapunzel ASMR. She has a dedicated subscriber base of over 600,000 subscribers who watch her regular uploads on YouTube. She is from Belgium and describes herself as an ASMRtist — a person who creates videos of closely recorded sounds — whose videos are designed to help people relax.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ann Van den Broeck


Rapunzel ASMR

Birth date:

September 1, 1986



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$218 thousand

Ann's Social Media:


Ann Van den Broeck was born on September 1, 1986, and is known by her name on YouTube, Rapunzel ASMR. As of 2022, she has more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. She is originally from Belgium and has two children. Her daughter, Sofia, was born in 2019, while her son, Alexander, was born in 2021. She became famous as an ASMRtist who makes videos where she creates different sounds for people to relax. ASMR is a form of auditory sensory response where your body responds to certain sounds with tingles. These tingles usually start at the top of your head and move down your neck and back.

Broeck has a large variety of ASMR videos on her YouTube channel that range from typical tapping and scratching videos to more specialized videos. These specialized videos include things like roleplays where she acts in a specific role like a doctor, hairdresser, or nurse. Other interesting videos made by Broeck include videos where she sings, plays video games, or cleans her house as a form of ASMR. In 2021, Broeck released an ASMR album with role plays of her acting as both herself and her twin sister while performing ASMR triggers. She has also posted her videos on major music platforms such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, and Spotify.

So far, Broeck has accumulated more than 170 million views on YouTube since its creation in 2014, and there is no stopping this fast-growing ASMRtist as she continues to become more popular among the ASMR and YouTube community.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel Debuts

Broeck starts her YouTube channel.

The First Album is Released

She releases an ASMR album.

The Subscriptions Increase

Broeck surpasses 600,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The Non-fungible Tokens on ASMR

She collaborates with xtingles on an NFT titled “Winter’s Coat.”

Why We Love Rapunzel ASMR

  1. She has a soothing voice

    There are few ASMRtists out there with a more soothing voice than Broeck. Her whispering videos are sure to make you fall asleep in minutes.

  2. We feel relaxed with her ear tingles

    Some of the most popular videos on her channel are those where Broeck performs imaginary ear cleanings on her viewers. The sounds produced in these videos are intensely relaxing.

  3. She is down-to-earth

    ASMRtists are some of the most humble celebrities on YouTube and Broeck is no exception. She has an incredibly sweet and down-to-earth personality that draws in her fans.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has other YouTube channels

    Broeck has two other YouTube channels, namely VegAnn and SpamAnn, which are dedicated to veganism and vlogging, respectively.

  2. She shaved her head

    In 2012, as an act of defiance to superficial beauty standards, Broeck shaved her hair.

  3. She is into handcrafted jewelry

    Broeck has a few Etsy shops where she sells handmade jewelry.

  4. The number of videos on her channel

    Since starting her YouTube channel, Broeck has uploaded over 750 videos.

  5. She loves art

    Broeck loves art and follows many artists and art-related accounts on Instagram.

Rapunzel ASMR FAQs

Does Broeck have a twin sister?

No, she does not.

How old is Broeck?

She is 36 as of September 2022.

How many ASMR videos are there on YouTube?

As of this writing, there are currently over 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube.

Rapunzel ASMR’s birthday dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday

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