Jc Caylen

Justin Caylan Castillo, popularly known as Jc Caylen, was born on September 11, 1992, is a YouTube star known internationally. With a career spanning over eight years, he has amassed nearly 3 million subscribers. With his wild and funky hairstyles and constant experimenting with his style, Caylen has also known for his witty and comical energy. Rising to fame around his channel by creating content in groups, he gradually and consistently gained a hugely loyal fanbase. Let’s celebrate his day with us!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Justin Caylan Castillo


JC Caylen

Birth date:

September 11, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8.11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

Justin's Social Media:


Jc Caylen was born Justin Caylen Castillo on September 11, 1992, in Houston, Texas, U.S. to his father Caylen and mother Lyndi. Though they divorced when he was five years old. He then grew up in San Antonio with his mother and three siblings, brother Joe Felix and sisters Jaylyn and Ava Grace. Before starting as a YouTuber, Caylen used to work at Sonic, a frozen yogurt shop, and Urban Outfitters. He always knew that he wanted to be famous, though.

He started making videos in 2010 when he was in university. It has gained more than 320,000 viewers to date and over 16,000 likes. Ever since, he began posting every month – steadily catching the attention of more viewers and gaining many subscribers by doing so. In 2012, he became a part of the YouTube collaboration channel, “Our2ndLife”, along with Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Portnoff, Trevor Moran, and Ricardo Ordieres. He gained massive popularity from this, with the channel gaining more than two million subscribers to date and he did an international tour in 2014. Caylen stars in its most popular video, “Hunger Games” – with over five million views.

Even though Caylen has secured many collaborations with plenty of people, he is still doing his own thing. In 2015, he released a compilation album called “Neptones”. It became a massive success, charting the number one position in the Top Dance/Rap Albums category in Billboard Magazine. Caylen also started his acting career by starring in several short films and TV series appearances. He addressed that his YouTube experience has been a good push for his acting career since people can easily know his personality and figure out what it would be like to work with him. His last relationship was with Instagram star Chelsey Malia Amaro. They started dating in 2017 and have been publicly posting pictures and videos of each other on their respective social media accounts.

Career timeline

Caylen Starts His YouTube Channel

He posts his first video, “DRAWN MUSIC”, on his YouTube channel ‘lifewithjc’.

He Launches KianandJc

Caylen and fellow former members of Our2ndLife start their own YouTube channel, which has amassed over 3.9 million subscribers until now.

He Stars in T@gged

Building his acting career, Caylen stars in the psychological thriller web series “T@gged”.

Caylen Posts His Latest Video

He’s still actively posting on his channel, with the latest video being “I Surprised My Friend With His Dream Car.”

Why We Love Jc Caylen

  1. His endlessly entertaining content

    From doing popular challenges to his life vlogs, Caylen never fails to deliver entertainment to people. With his creativity and humor, he can easily gain people’s attention.

  2. He supports other content creators

    We can see this through his frequent collaborations with other content creators. In one of his Twitch streams, Caylen showed support by donating $10,000 to other streamers while cosplaying as Santa Claus.

  3. He constantly strives to be better

    Caylen’s creativity in doing various content has gained him much attention. He expressed how he wants to pursue acting as a career.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He made a YouTube series

    With Kian Lawley, he hosted, directed, and produced “Reality House”; a YouTube series where 12 internet stars live in the same house and face several challenges.

  2. His favorite food is hot wings

    Caylen has done several hot wing taste tests with his friends, and he also tweeted about his love for hot wings.

  3. Caylen and his two pets

    He had a dog named Wishbone, and also a cat, Vega.

  4. He legally changed his name

    Born Justin Caylen Castillo, Caylen later changed his legal name to Justin Cloud Caylen.

  5. He has more than 20 tattoos

    He was known for his very first tattoo, which is a cloud on his right wrist, he now has tattoos all over his arm.

Jc Caylen FAQs

Who is JC Caylen’s best friend?

His coworker and good friend Kian Lawley said they have been very close since they first met. Caylen has said that even though they have differences, they have never really fought before.

Is JC still dating Chelsea?

No, he is not. His tweet in 2020 said that they broke up and have blocked each other on social media in an attempt to make the breakup easier.

What is JC Caylen famous for?

Though he has done various things for YouTube, he’s notably known for making numerous comedy videos.

Jc Caylen’s birthday dates

2024September 11Wednesday
2025September 11Thursday
2026September 11Friday
2027September 11Saturday
2028September 11Monday

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