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Shani, the owner of the Unpopular Edits YouTube account, is an American YouTuber born on July 20, 2005. She is a YouTuber who posts anime-style content for fun. Her career began in 2007 when she launched her YouTube channel, and she now has nearly 120,000 subscribers. She is a talented animation artist whose progress curve is evident on her channels. You can see her editing and drawing skills improving in every video. Her talent and personality have carved out an amazing niche for her in the world of anime. We celebrate this creative content creator who deserves to be honored today.

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Unpopular Edits

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July 20, 2005



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Shani is an amazing American YouTuber and animation artist, famous for her gacha content. Her talent, personality, and speed painting abilities have created a following of loyal fans for her. She was born on July 20, 2005, and is a Cancer. In 2018, she was in the eighth grade.

Shani created the YouTube channel “Unpopular Edits” in 2017. In January 2018, she made her debut post on her channel. The video titled “Gacha Studio – gay love story [part 1]” has now accumulated 783k views. She posts speed-painting anime videos that follow a story. Her characters include Gionni, Hunter, Ariel, Zane, and Keith. She creates these videos to follow different plots or occurrences. Sometimes she takes pointers from her subscribers who tell her things they want to see the characters do. She uses several digital painting programs like ibis Paint X to create her drawings and characters. By November 2018, she created a new YouTube channel called “CloverUWU.” She has amassed over 3,000 subscribers on her new channel and has posted 10 videos so far. On Unpopular Edits, she has 168 videos and 118,000 subscribers.

With such a successful YouTube channel, she shares her life with her family and friends. By our calculations, she should be in the 12th grade in 2020. So she will be graduating from high school any day now.

Career timeline

The YouTube Account is Launched

In December, Shani creates her YouTube channel, called Unpopular Edits.

The First YouTube Post

In January, sShani he posts her debut YouTube video titled “Gatcha studio - gay love story [part 1].”

The New YouTube Channel

In November, Shani creates a new YouTube account called CloverUWU.

The Most Recent Post

Even though she has started a new channel, she continues to post on her Unpopular Edits channel.

Why We Love Unpopular Edits

  1. Shani is creative

    Her talent is undeniable and she excels at drawing and editing. She has created multiple characters and storylines that are engaging and fun.

  2. She managed to achieve success at a young age

    Not many high schoolers can balance school with a successful YouTube channel. Shani makes it look easy. This shows how driven she is and demonstrates that "it's all about being self-motivated."

  3. She is a private person

    Shani has never revealed her face and her social media, except her YouTube channel, is set to private. This differentiates her from other influencers and content creators. We love and respect that aspect of her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Shani was going to sell her channel

    In a 2018 video, she revealed she was going to sell her YouTube channel.

  2. Her Instagram account is private

    Shani’s Instagram account is set to private.

  3. She wears braces

    Although she hasn’t revealed her face, Shani is known to wear braces.

  4. She has multiple Instagram accounts

    Shani has attached several different Instagram accounts to her YouTube videos.

  5. Her videos feature popular songs

    Shani often attaches popular songs to her videos.

Unpopular Edits FAQs

Why did Unpopular Edits change her channel name?

Shani changed her channel name from its eponymous form to Unpopular Edits because she didn’t like her real name being in the title.

What is Unpopular Edits' most-watched video?

Shani’s “Ew song Gacha Studio” video has amassed almost a million views.

What is Unpopular Edits' least popular video?

Her “Twisted love S3 E2 – gacha studio” video has only 257 views.

Unpopular Edits’s birthday dates

2024July 20Saturday
2025July 20Sunday
2026July 20Monday
2027July 20Tuesday
2028July 20Thursday

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