Ionut Nicolae Pascu, A.K.A. Pepe, is a Romanian singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and T.V. presenter born on July 20, 1979. Pepe is a Latino pop star whose career can be traced back to 1999. He’s presently a world-recognized superstar with many records under his belt. His devilish good looks, undeniable talent, and versatility are a few reasons to celebrate him on his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ionut Nicolae Pascu



Birth date:

July 20, 1979



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Ionut's Social Media:


Ionut Nicolae Pascu, better known by his stage name Pepe, is a multi-talented Romanian superstar who has garnered millions of fans worldwide. He was born on July 20, 1979, in Bucharest, Romania. He was born into a low-income household and developed an interest in music at a young age. He is a Cancer and of Latin descent.

From 1993 to 1998, Pepe studied classical singing at a popular art school where he was under the guidance of Camelia Dăscălescu. He worked odd jobs to pay for his classes. In 1996, he made his singing debut at a music festival competition and won third place. He continued singing at local pubs until his big break in 1999 when he joined the band Latin Express as a soloist. Pepe’s band introduced the flamenco style of music in Romania. The band won the Amara music festival and emerged second in the Mamaia music competition. Their winning song was ‘Nu Te Mai Doresc’ (1999). Their debut studio album, “Pasiune,” was released the same year. Pepe went solo in 2000. He became one of Romania’s most revered Latin singers. In 2003, he released his eponymous debut solo album “Pepe.” In 2004, he composed “Numai iubirea,” a soundtrack for the Romanian telenovela “Numai iubirea.” His most recent studio album, “Arunca-mi o privire”, was released in 2011.

Pepe’s career extends to television, and he has been both a show presenter and a participant. In 2020, he was cast in the Romanian comedy film “Zăpadă, Ceai și Dragoste,” which premiered in September 2021. Pepe’s personal life is not as public as his professional one. However, he has been married twice and has two children. As of 2021, he had divorced his second wife, Raluca Pastrama, and is currently single.

Career timeline

He Debuts at a Music Festival

Pepe debuts at a singing competition and comes in third place.

He Joins Latin Express

Pepe joins the band as a soloist.

Latin Express Release Their Debut Studio Album

The band release their debut studio album called “Pasiune.”

He Releases His Debut Solo Studio Album

After leaving Latin Express, Pepe releases his eponymous debut studio album titled “Pepe.”

Why We Love Pepe

  1. He’s talented

    Pepe is a talented singer and actor. He is world-renowned because of his exceptional talents.

  2. He’s a great father

    Pepe is an amazing father to his two daughters. He adores them.

  3. He’s handsome

    Pepe has both looks and talent. We stare at those eyes all day.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a waiter

    While going to art school, Pepe waited tables.

  2. He cooks

    Pepe is a great chef and was on a cooking show.

  3. He dances

    Pepe sings such moving songs and it only makes sense that he can dance.

  4. He has a sizable following

    Pepe is a world-recognized singer but his fame doesn’t translate to Instagram.

  5. He grows his hair

    Pepe grows out his hair and can wear it in a ponytail.

Pepe FAQs

What is Pepe’s first wife’s name?

His first wife’s name is Oana Zăvoranu.

Where is Pepe now?

Pepe still lives in Romania.

What are the names of Pepe’s daughters?

Rosa Alexandra Pascu and Maria Pascu.

Pepe’s birthday dates

2024July 20Saturday
2025July 20Sunday
2026July 20Monday
2027July 20Tuesday
2028July 20Thursday

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