Ian Washburn, also known as Ian Carter or iDubbbz, was born on July 27, 1990. He is an American YouTube personality and comedian. He is best known for his comedy video series such as “Content Cop,” “Bad Unboxing,” and “Kickstarter Crap,” and is the creator of the YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames. “Asian Jake Paul,” his 2017 diss track, charted and peaked at number 24 on Billboard’s U.S. R&B/HH Digital Song Sales Chart. We’re right here to help you celebrate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ian Washburn


iDubbbzTV, Ian Carter

Birth date:

July 27, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Ian's Social Media:


Ian Washburn, popularly known as iDubbbz, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from California State University, San Marcos. During this time, he worked for Gap. In 2013, he launched his first YouTube channel, “iDubbbzTV.” It is classified as a comedy and unboxing channel, with currently over 7.77 million subscribers. Although his parents encouraged him to find a stable job, by the time he graduated, his YouTube channel had grown to the point where it was financially viable for him to pursue it as a full-time career. PewDiePie, Boyinaband, Filthy Frank, h3h3Productions, HowToBasic, Anything4views, maxmoefoe, Vsauce, Erik Hoffstad, and Jacksfilms are among the other famous YouTubers and channels that have featured iDubbbzTV acts on their channels.

His “Content Cop” series spotlights other YouTube channels, critiquing their content and their owners’ social media behavior. Fellow YouTube commentators have dubbed each episode of “Content Cop” an “event,” with each new episode igniting debate. From December 2015 to October 2017, he aired “Content Cop” episodes about a wide range of YouTube personalities, including Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, Tana Mongeau, and RiceGum. His first “Content Cop,” ‘Jinx Reload,’ was released in December 2015. Daniel Keem, better known as Keemstar, and his channel DramaAlert were featured in a “Content Cop” video that he released in May 2016. In the video, he accused Keemstar of threatening big YouTubers with negative coverage and promoting small channels, as well as accusing them of concealing something. He referred to Keem as a “very rash decision-maker” and showed clips of him saying “really regrettable words.” Keem responded by calling the “Content Cop” video entertaining and denying his desire to attack other YouTubers, saying he has no problem booking guests or landing exclusive interviews.

He released a music video for a new diss track titled ‘Asian Jake Paul,’ which has over 85 million views today. The 31-minute video was not about YouTube personality Jake Paul, but about rapper and YouTuber Bryan Le, also known as RiceGum. In October 2017, he released a video titled “Content Cop — Jake Paul,” in which he analyzed and criticized him in a format inspired by the seven deadly sins. In the first two weeks after its release, his “Content Cop” video received 20 million views. It now has more than 51 million views. The featured song reached number 24 on the R&B/Hip-hop Digital Song Sales Chart.

Career timeline

He Launches “iDubbbzTV”

He launches “iDubbbzTV,” his first YouTube channel — it is classified as a comedy and unboxing channel.

He Creates The “Content Cop” Video Series

The series features other YouTube channels and criticizes their content and their owners’ social media behavior.

His Most Popular Video

He creates the viral video “Content Cop — Jake Paul,” which is about YouTuber RiceGum.

He Creates “Full Force”

He transitions from the “Content Cop” series to other comedic videos with other YouTubers — on July 31, he creates “Full Force” with YouTuber airsoftfatty.

Why We Love iDubbbzTV

  1. He is distinctive

    While the internet nowadays is full of typical content that can be boring to watch, he makes unique and genuine content that is fun to watch. His viewers relate to this.

  2. He believes in what he says

    He has garnered a lot of attention over the years due to his sincerity and intelligence. His fans admire his convictions.

  3. He always conducts detailed research for his videos

    When he makes a video about someone or a topic, he doesn’t leave out any details. He conducts extensive research to back up his claims.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His channel has over one billion views

    His channel “iDubbbzTV” has many popular videos with over 10 million views, totaling over 1.45 billion views.

  2. He is a source for internet memes

    Throughout his career, he made a lot of funny videos with comedic editing and effects, which resulted in him making a lot of popular internet memes.

  3. He gains millions of views every month

    Even though he stopped uploading as frequently as in the past, his channel is still gaining views from the over 280 videos he has created.

  4. He worked at Legoland

    While attending California State University, he worked at Legoland part-time.

  5. He made the film “Ice Cream Man”

    He created numerous YouTube videos and excelled at them, as well as a film titled “Ice Cream Man,” which is also available on YouTube.

iDubbbzTV FAQs

Who is iDubbbz married to?

He and Anisa Jomha announced their engagement in April 2021. They married in Nevada in June 2021 at a wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

Why does iDubbbz not post anymore?

He became embroiled in a controversy after his girlfriend joined the OnlyFans platform, and he made a video defending the adult entertainment industry, which sparked a massive debate, resulting in him putting an end to his uploading.

Does iDubbbz have siblings?

He has never revealed much about his family, but he does have two brothers, Troy and Kevin Carter. They have appeared in some of his previous game videos.

iDubbbzTV’s birthday dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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