NayVee Nelson

NayVee Grace Nelson was born on November 12, 2007. She reached fame as a member of the Nelson family, which includes the parents and their 16 children (seven biological and nine adopted children). She rose to prominence as a member of the YouTube channel “Not Enough Nelsons.” Since its start in late 2018, the channel has amassed over 2.75 million followers thanks to its vlogs, skits, challenges, and dancing videos. Today is her birthday, so let’s celebrate with her.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

NayVee Grace Nelson



Birth date:

November 12, 2007



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

NayVee's Social Media:


NayVee Nelson was born in the U.S. on November 12, 2007, as Unique Destiny. Tiffany and Benji Nelson adopted her when she was 11 years old, in November 2018. She picked the name ‘NayVee Grace’ for herself after her adoption (she also had the choice of ‘CeciLee’). Her younger biological half-sister does not live with her. Her brothers are named Ledger, Trey, Luke, Bridger, and Beckham, while her sisters are called DeLayNee June, PaisLee, PresLee Grace, SaiDee, LiLee, JourNee, KennaDee, KassaDee Parker, ElleCee, and Jaine.

Nelson is one of 18 family members on the YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons. The channel debuted in December 2018, with the first video titled “15 SIBLINGS?! I’M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY! | Big Family Youtube Channel” posted. The channel mostly consists of vlogs, challenges, pranks, and dance videos. It also includes Q&A videos, interviews, and birth/adoption tales. The video “MORNING ROUTINE with 16 KiDS!!,” which has nearly five million views, is their most popular video.

Nelson has appeared in several videos on the channel, including “SURPRiSE! NayVee gets her BRACES OFF !!” She also appeared in an April 2019 YouTube video titled “ROOM TOUR!!! Surprise Makeover for NAYVEE!” in which she picked new design elements for her bedroom. She is also well-known on other social media channels, with over 144,000 Instagram followers.

Career timeline

November 2018
Officially Joining the Nelsons

Tiffany and Benji Nelson adopt Nayvee at 11 years old.

December 2018
The Family YouTube Channel Launches

The channel debuts, with the account being curated and moderated by the parents.

December 2018
The Channel’s First Video Debuts

The first video is titled "15 SIBLINGS?! I'M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY!"

Her Main Appearance on the YouTube Channel

Nayvee appears in the video titled "ROOM TOUR!!! Surprise Makeover for NAYVEE!" where she selects new design pieces for her bedroom.

The Channel’s Most Popular Video Debuts

The channel's most popular video is "MORNING ROUTINE with 16 KiDS!!," which has five million views.

Why We Love NayVee Nelson

  1. She is a YouTube star

    Nayvee rose to prominence as a member of the popular Nelson family. It is important to note that the YouTube channel was launched a month after she was adopted.

  2. She is industrious

    Believe it or not, Nayvee is good at hairstyling. She mentioned that she learned from watching her mother who is equally as good. She also confessed that she wants to take it up as a profession when she grows older.

  3. She is smart

    In a Q&A video, Nayvee said that she would rather stay with her adoptive mom even if she’s given the option of going back to her biological parents. She however said that she wishes them all the best. That’s a pretty smart remark for a 14-year-old kid!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. NayVee Nelson is not her first name

    Before adoption, her name was Unique Destiny.

  2. She has a crush on another YouTuber

    Nayvee has a crush on Shae Bennett.

  3. Her biological father vanished

    The last time Nayvee saw her biological father was two years old; he left for Mexico.

  4. She remembers her birth mother

    Nayvee has good memories of her birth mother.

  5. She has a dream job

    Nayvee wants to be a hairstylist.

NayVee Nelson FAQs

What grade is NayVee?

NayVee will be in the 9th grade during the 2023-24 school year. Due to issues of being in the foster system, she was held back in school, meaning she will be older than her classmates.

Is NayVee Nelson a twin?

No, she is not a twin.

Does NayVee Nelson appear in any movie?

No, Nayvee has not appeared in any movie.

NayVee Nelson’s birthday dates

2024November 12Tuesday
2025November 12Wednesday
2026November 12Thursday
2027November 12Friday
2028November 12Sunday

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