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Noah Wiseman was born on November 12, 2008, and is a child actor known for his role in the psychological horror “The Babadook.” The movie was a passion project from the writer and director Jennifer Kent. The movie did extremely well despite having a low budget and grew in popularity after being released on Netflix. “The Babadook” gained Noah Wiseman many fans, but the young child stays away from the spotlight and not much is known about his personal life. This was the Australian actor’s only feature film along with a few short films.

Fast Facts

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Noah Wiseman

Birth date:

November 12, 2008



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Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Noah Wiseman was born on November 12, 2008, in Australia. His acting career began in 2013 when he was just a five-year-old. He starred in the short film “The Gift” which revolves around an absent father whose child inspired him to re-evaluate his priorities in life. The following year, Wiseman landed his biggest and most influential yet.

Wiseman is best known for his role in the psychological horror film “The Babadook.” The film itself was based on the director Jennifer Kent’s short film that she later adapted as a feature film. Wiseman plays the role of Samuel Vanek, the child of a single mother who begins to see a strange figure in her home. Wiseman was only six years old but gave an incredible performance, only seen from veteran actors.

The movie was ranked as the third best-revised film on Rotten Tomatoes in 2014. Metacritic gave the movie 86 out of 100, with some critics citing it as one of the best movies of this century. The movie won several awards and Wiseman won Best Supporting Actor at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. He was also nominated for Best Young Actor in the Critics’ Choice Award and Best Performance by a Young Actor in the 41st Saturn awards. The film rose in popularity in 2016 when it was released on Netflix, gaining an influx of new fans. In 2015, Wiseman was featured in a short film about a young boy meeting a new girl in school. He had a role in another short film, “Le Miroir” in 2020.

Career timeline

His Acting Debut

Wiseman appears in the short film "The Gift."

On the Big Screen

Wiseman stars in the horror movie "The Babadook."

Television Role

He appears on "Funny to Die Presents."

Short Film Role

He stars in the short film “Spaghetti.”

Why We Love Noah Wiseman

  1. He is immensely talented

    The young actor took on a very big role at only six years old and performed incredibly well. His performance is haunting even to avid horror movie fans.

  2. His acting is believable

    Wiseman had little knowledge of the movie’s true plot, and yet his role as a misbehaving child was so realistic. Many who viewed the film perceived him as the main villain of the film.

  3. He is resilient

    It takes a lot of bravery for a mere six-year-old to take on such a terrifying role in a movie that has scared the adults that viewed it. Wiseman was specifically chosen for this role because of his resilience and maturity.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. No script reading for "The Babadook"

    Wiseman was not asked to do a script reading due to his age, instead, the director bonded with him by spending time together and playing games.

  2. Wiseman did not fully grasp the plot

    The film’s writer and director gave the young actor a kiddies version of the plot, which put the child as the movie’s hero.

  3. He was protected during the film

    In scenes that required the child to be verbally abused, there was an adult stand-in to avoid traumatizing the child.

  4. His talent was not the only factor

    The director cites that many children could’ve performed the role well, but she felt only Wiseman could handle it emotionally.

  5. He is not in the spotlight

    Despite "The Babadook" being a huge hit, Wiseman lives a normal life, having never done any interviews and staying off social media.

Noah Wiseman FAQs

Is "The Babadook" a real story?

The director was inspired by an incident she was told about by her friend’s child.

Does Noah Wiseman have Instagram?

The young actor is not on social media.

Has Noah Wiseman been in other movies?

Wiseman has been in one movie and several short films.

Noah Wiseman’s birthday dates

2024November 12Tuesday
2025November 12Wednesday
2026November 12Thursday
2027November 12Friday
2028November 12Sunday

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