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National Sovereignty Day – November 20, 2024

National Sovereignty Day in Argentina is celebrated on November 20 to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado. This fight represents a defining moment in the country’s history when their outnumbered army challenged the mighty Anglo-French navy battalion. The day is the celebration of Argentine bravery and the legend of Juan Manual De Rosas, who signed a treaty in the aftermath of the war, recognizing the nation’s jurisdiction within its own territory. Today, we commemorate this brave fight and reflect on the importance of independence, respect, and autonomy.

History of National Sovereignty Day

Argentina went through a tumultuous period in the 19th century, most of which was caused by the friction between the British and French governments, who were frustrated by the leadership and direction of Argentine leader Juan Manuel de Rosas. The lack of domestic support and border issues stirred the country into further turmoil. The situation worsened when the French army joined hands with the British forces and defied Rosas’ orders of the naval blockade. This led to the immediate declaration of war.

On November 20, 1845, the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado took place on the bank of the Paraná River. The first combat did substantial damage to both armies. Neither party achieved its goal, but the battle eventually did bring the leaders to the table for peace talks. The war ended with a mutual agreement.

As per the agreement, the Anglo-French governments gave up their quest to bypass the Argentine government’s naval blockade and respected the nation’s authority over the river streams. Argentina has commemorated the anniversary of the battle as National Sovereignty Day since 1950. The day was declared a national holiday in 2010.

The day is celebrated across the nation with patriotic vigor. The official celebration is held at Obligado, the landmark site of the battle. Parades and public demonstrations are organized near the area, and historians like Pacho O’Donnell occasionally take the stage to educate the younger generations about the significance of the day and its impact on the Argentine army.

National Sovereignty Day timeline

The Eve of the Battle

The Argentine army faces the Anglo-French navy after the attack on the Paraná River.

The Proclamation

Argentine historian José María Rosa proclaims November 20 as National Sovereignty Day.

A National Observation

The Argentine Senate approves the creation of National Sovereignty Day on November 14.

The Holiday is Announced

President Fernández de Kirchner announces a national holiday every National Sovereignty Day.

National Sovereignty Day FAQs

When did Argentina gain independence from Spain?

Argentina gained freedom from the Spanish Empire in 1816.

When is the best time to visit Argentina?

The autumn months of April, May, June, and the spring days of October, November, and December mark the best time to visit Argentina.

Is Argentina a democracy?

Argentina is a presidential representative democratic republic with three equal branches of power.

National Sovereignty Day Activities

  1. Watch the parade

    Watch the colorful parade via YouTube live streams. It’s a great opportunity to learn all about Argentine culture and traditions.

  2. Cook an ‘asado’

    Ring up your friends and invite them for lunch featuring ‘asado,’ an Argentinian feast. This delicious dish is made with a variety of meat portions, such as ribs, steaks, and blood sausages, slow-cooked over a grill.

  3. Celebrate sovereignty

    Fortunate enough to live in a democracy? Well, November 20 is the best day to reaffirm your commitment to your nation’s democratic values. Check your voter I.D., register your neighbors, and review your area’s voting schedule for the coming months.

5 Amazing Facts About Argentina

  1. Bananas for beef

    Beef is the most-revered meat in Argentina.

  2. The Messi phenomenon

    People from Rosario are banned from naming their child Messi’due to the overuse of its namesake, soccer star Lionel Messi.

  3. The birthplace of Tango

    Tango, the swirly dance form, was invented and popularized in the low towns of Argentina.

  4. The land of soya

    Argentina is one of the largest soybean producers.

  5. Affectionate welcomes

    Kissing on the cheek is a common greeting tradition among the men of Argentina.

Why We Love National Sovereignty Day

  1. It’s an opportunity

    Dates like this one are gates to learning more about other countries’ history. This way, we are a little bit more connected with the world around us.

  2. It is a rejection of forced obedience

    National Sovereignty Day, as the name suggests, is a celebration of freedom and a resounding rejection of surrendering power. It’s a date set to reflect on every nation’s right to rule itself.

  3. It has a great message

    Argentines come together and celebrate the day, even though the country lost the battle. The message is that sometimes we have to lose a battle to win the war.

National Sovereignty Day dates

2024November 20Wednesday
2025November 20Thursday
2026November 20Friday
2027November 20Saturday
2028November 20Monday

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