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Ville Hermanni Valo, born November 22, 1976, is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and musician best known for being the lead vocalist of H.I.M. After playing the drum and bass in various bands during the beginning of his career, he co-founded H.I.M and became its lead vocalist and primary songwriter in 1991. H.I.M would go on to become one of the most successful Finnish bands of all time, catapulting Valo to fame. Valo has collaborated with several other bands during his career, including Agents, The 69 Eyes, and Apocalyptica. In 2020, he began a solo career under the moniker V.V.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ville Hermanni Valo

Birth date:

November 22, 1976



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$12 million

Ville's Social Media:


Valo was born in Helsinki, Finland, to a Hungarian mother and a Finnish father. Valo’s love for music began when his parents played music for him as an infant. When he was eight, Valo bought his first album, “Animalize” by Kiss, which only deepened his interest in music. He picked up the bass guitar and drums after second grade and played them for several bands, eventually dropping out of school to focus on his music career.

In 1991, Vale and Mikkio “Mige” Paananen founded a band called “His Infernal Majesty” or H.I.M., but the band broke up two years later when Paananen left for his national military service. The band was reformed in 1995 by Valo and Mikko “Linde” Lindestom. Soon after, Paananen rejoined the duo, along with Antto Melasniemi and Juhana “Patka” Rantala. The band’s name was shortened to H.I.M., and they released their debut album, “Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666,” in 1997. Over the years, H.I.M. changed members and released several albums, including “Razorblade Romance,” “Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights,” “Love Metal,” “Dark Light,” “Venus Doom, “Tears on Tape,” and “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice.” The band briefly went on hiatus and returned in 2013 with their final album “Tear on Tape.” While they worked on a follow-up, they felt they had “nothing left to give collectively” and broke up after a farewell tour.

In 2020, Valo began a solo career under the moniker V.V. with a surprise E.P. “Gothica Fennica Vol. 1.” In 2022, he also released the first single from his upcoming album “Neon Noir” titled “Loveletting.” Valo has also made a few appearances on film and television, including “Asphalto,” the Finnish dub of “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” and “Viva La Bam.”

Career timeline

Co-founding H.I.M.

Valo co-founds His Infernal Majesty, later known as H.I.M.

Releasing the Debut Album

H.I.M. puts out their debut album “Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666.”

Putting Out the Final H.I.M. Album

H.I.M. releases their final album, “Tears on Tape.”

Making a Solo Debut

Valo makes his solo debut under the moniker V.V.

Why We Love Ville Valo

  1. His music is excellent

    Valo has released great music. Whether they are releases with H.I.M. or his own work, he is a talented musician.

  2. He is very creative

    He has been a part of several creative projects. From his music career to his new Coca-Cola can design, Valo has proven himself to be incredibly creative.

  3. He overcame severe addiction

    During his H.I.M. days, Valo developed an alcohol addiction. Over the years, he has been able to overcome it. We find that very admirable.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He cut his hair with a knife

    Between 1997 and 2000, Valo cut his hair with a knife.

  2. He was exempt from military service

    Valo was exempt from Finland's national military service because of his asthma.

  3. He has several allergies

    Valo is allergic to chlorine, flowers, and several animals.

  4. He can’t drive

    Valo can’t drive and never got his driving license.

  5. He’s a baritone singer

    Valo is a baritone singer, which means his voice is heavy sounding.

Ville Valo FAQs

What happened to the band H.I.M.?

H.I.M. disbanded in 2017 after a farewell tour.

When did Ville Valo get sober?

He got completely sober in 2010.

Who is the lead singer of H.I.M.?

Ville Valo was the lead singer of H.I.M.

Ville Valo’s birthday dates

2024November 22Friday
2025November 22Saturday
2026November 22Sunday
2027November 22Monday
2028November 22Wednesday

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