Dulcie Dornan

Dulcie Dornan, born on November 22, 2013, is the daughter of Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner, and has become recognized because of them. She is a student, and she has appeared in several magazines like the “Mirror” and “DailyMail.” We will help you celebrate this young lady’s special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dulcie Dornan

Birth date:

November 22, 2013



Zodiac Sign:



2' 0"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million


Dulcie Dornan is a sweet little angel, and many of her parents’ fans have taken a shine to her. Many of her parents’ fans were anxious to meet her while her mother was pregnant, and they were happy to see her arrive safely. She is a child with a limited understanding of the world around her, but her parents are trying to raise her to become a kind-hearted adult who will be valuable to society. Dornan was born in Vancouver, Canada. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and her parents are Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner.

Dornan is partly Irish from her father’s side, as her father was born in Ireland. She is also partly English as her mother is from England. She has two younger siblings. Like her mother, she loves music and now plays the piano and the guitar. No one knows what her career will look like in the future, but she is on the right track, and hopefully, she will pursue a career in music.

Her parents welcomed her younger sister, Elva Dornan, in 2015 and were very secretive about it. Dornan’s parents are pretty discreet about her face too, and they rarely share pictures of her face over the internet. Most photos that show her face on the internet were taken by the paparazzi who lie in wait for her parents whenever they are on vacation. Her parents try their best to protect her from negative publicity by the media. She has no social media accounts yet.

Career timeline

Dornan is Born

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner welcome their first daughter.

Dornan Welcomes Her First Sister

She welcomes Elva Dornan, her younger sister.

She Leaves Vancouver

Dornan's family leaves Vancouver, Canada, for Los Angeles, California.

She Welcomes Her Second Sister

Her parents welcome their third daughter, Alberta Dornan.

Why We Love Dulcie Dornan

  1. Dornan's a great big sister

    Dornan helps to care for her younger sisters. She holds her sisters' hands whenever they walk along the road — we think this is awesome.

  2. Dornan is a friendly child

    Dornan is a good friend to her father, and he enjoys spending time with her. She once got her father to play dress-up, and he was very happy that she had given him the opportunity to be her close friend.

  3. Dornan is generous

    Dornan happily shares her food and toys with her sisters. We love her generous personality.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The meaning of her name

    Dornan's name, ‘Dulcie,’ is a Latin word that means ‘sweet.’

  2. She went to work with her father

    Before attending school, Dornan's father always carried her to work.

  3. Dornan thought her father drives a tractor

    Five-year-old Dornan assumed her father drove a tractor because she saw other adult males driving tractors.

  4. She has a different place of birth

    Dornan is the only member of her family born in Canada — everyone was born in the U.K.

  5. Her favorite treats are beef Hula Hoops

    Her father taught her a funny way of eating beef Hula Hoops, and they have now become her favorite treats.

Dulcie Dornan FAQs

Does Dulcie Dornan have a brother?

No, Dornan doesn’t have a brother yet. She only has sisters.

Does Dulcie Dornan and her sisters get along?

Like most young siblings, they don’t. Her father even described moments of friendship among them as a rarity.

Where does Dulcie Dornan live?

Dornan lives in Gloucestershire in the U.K. She used to live in Los Angeles.

Dulcie Dornan’s birthday dates

2024November 22Friday
2025November 22Saturday
2026November 22Sunday
2027November 22Monday
2028November 22Wednesday

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