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TueNov 12

National French Dip Day – November 12, 2024

National French Dip Day is celebrated on November 12 each year. This day is very popular among sandwich and meat lovers. Chefs use this day as an opportunity to experiment with different variations of this sandwich and give their patrons a wide variety of tastes to try out. The fact that this day is celebrated across the length and breadth of the United States proves just how well-loved this unique sandwich is.

History of National French Dip Day

Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet, situated in Los Angeles, is one of the first restaurants that served the popular French Dip sandwich. And National French Dip Day marks the 110th anniversary of Cole’s restaurant, which opened on November 12, 1908.

French dip is a roast meat sandwich where the juices of the roast meat are collected and served separately as a side dish to the sandwich. The sandwich is then dipped in the gravy. Cole’s began serving the French dip sandwich in 1908. The sandwich was specially prepared for a customer, who had sore gums and could not chew his roast beef sandwich. The customer asked the restaurant’s chef, Jack Garlinghouse, to moisten the sandwich bread with some roast meat juice. Soon, more and more customers started asking for the same sandwich, and it became one of the top-selling dishes of the restaurant.

Cole’s is one of the first restaurants that came up with the idea of serving roast beef juice with their sandwich. However, another popular restaurant Philippe’s claims that its owner, Philippe Mathieu, is the inventor of the sandwich. Since both restaurants have been operating since the early 1890s, it is still difficult to identify the original creator of the sandwich.

National French Dip Day timeline

The Sandwich Starts to Gain Popularity

French dip recipes start appearing in American print media.

Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet Gains National Recognition

Cole's is proclaimed a Historic-Cultural Monument of Los Angeles since it is one of the few businesses still in its original location.

Coles Gets a Massive Renovation

Coles gets transformed by its new owner, a corporation, and reopens in December 2008.

French Dip Day Becomes a National Holiday

The first National French Dip Day is celebrated to mark 100 years of the restaurant and sandwich.

National French Dip Day FAQs

What is the best way to make French Dip sandwiches?

Fresh bread rolls are stuffed with tender beef and melted provolone cheese, and then it is dipped into the meat juice or broth, which is served on the side.

What goes with a French dip sandwich?

A French dip sandwich can be paired with fries, coleslaw, chips, and fresh salad.

Are French Dip sandwiches healthy?

French Dip sandwiches have a very high salt and fat content, so they should only be eaten occasionally and in moderation.

National French Dip Day Activities

  1. Organize a sandwich-making contest

    Making a superb sandwich is an art. On this National French Dip Day, organize a fun sandwich-making contest with your friends. You can make it more challenging by setting a time limit or adding a mystery ingredient that must be used in the dish

  2. Try out an authentic French dip sandwich

    The French dip sandwich recipe is more than 100 years old. Still, it is not readily available in mainstream fast food joints. Therefore, on this National French Dip Day, visit some less explored restaurants in your city that serve authentic French dip-style sandwiches. Enjoy it in true American style by soaking up the sandwich in piping hot beef juice (au jus).

  3. Bake French bread

    Baking is a therapeutic activity, and French bread is one of the main ingredients of French dip sandwiches. French dip tastes best when made with French loaf, and nothing tastes better than homemade bread. All you need is some flour, yeast, and oil to make some delicious artisan bread from scratch.

5 Facts About Roast Beef That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. French people think the English love beef

    In the ongoing rivalry between the two nations, the French started calling the English ‘rosbifs’ because the English often had roast beef for their main meal on a Sunday.

  2. The perfect match

    Englishmen used to serve Yorkshire pudding as a starter with roast beef.

  3. A ballad on roast beef

    Henry Fielding has written a patriotic ballad called ‘The Roast Beef of Old England.’

  4. Open fire roast

    Old Englishmen used to cook roast beef on open fires.

  5. The rich ate beef

    During the Middle Ages, eating beef was a sign of wealth and success.

Why We Love National French Dip Day

  1. People learn about authentic French dip recipe

    Today, the French dip sandwich is not served the way it was in the early 1900s. The National French Dip Day is all about the authentic French dip sandwich that was served in L.A. during the 1890s. The recipe and serving style of the sandwich, however, has evolved with time. Today, restaurants serve it with mustard sauce and a dipping bowl of hot roast meat juice on the side.

  2. Tourists get to try popular American sandwiches

    American sandwiches are not as well-known as other American fast food dishes among the locals or tourists. By dedicating an entire day to an American delicacy like the French dip sandwich, more people can become familiar with it, and the unique story behind its invention.

  3. It encourages people to try healthy fast food items

    The majority of burgers and sandwiches can be quite fattening as various spreads like mayonnaise, butter, and cream cheese are used to make the sandwich moist and flavorful. The French dip is an alternative to regular burgers and sandwiches, as it only comes with the juices of the roasted meat as a dipping sauce.

National French Dip Day dates

2024November 12Tuesday
2025November 12Wednesday
2026November 12Thursday
2027November 12Friday
2028November 12Sunday

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