National Happy Hour Day – November 12, 2019

Tue Nov 12

Happy Hour! While it’s a celebration in and of itself, it’s such a beloved phenomenon that it’s worth having a day to celebrate it! “Happy Hour Socials” started as a bonding ritual amongst sailors in the US Navy, but it didn’t take long for the rest of the nation to adopt! So without further adieu, every November 12, we celebrate National Happy Hour Day. Drink up!

National Happy Hour Day - History

1940s - 1950s

The birth of "Happy Hour" specials

With the economy booming after WWII, businesses were anxious to capitalize on the population's newfound wealth. Drink discounts attracted customers into restaurants, and the inebriation lead to higher bills at the end of the night.

World War I

"Happy Hour Social" Is Born

The US Navy begins celebrating "Happy Hour," an evening celebration filled with alcohol.

Prohibition Era

"Happy Hour" meets the matinee

With alcohol outlawed, folks opted to conduct their drinking before dinner (instead of afterwards), when it was less conspicuous.

National Happy Hour Day Activities

  1. Have your friends over for some drinks

    Technically, you can't reap the benefits of half-off drinks if you're throwing your own shindig. But it's almost always cheaper to drink at home, so you still win. Plus,, if it's your house, you don't have to worry about how you're getting home. Although, the atmosphere might not be as "cool" as your favorite watering hole. Even so, you can spice things up by trying out new recipes, and if all else fails, just make your go-to exactly how you like it. Take that, steam punk bar!

  2. Go get some grub

    You don't have to be drinking to enjoy happy hour. Many bars and restaurants offer specials on food, and that in itself is something to cheer for. And the deal only sweetens if you're the designated driver (or if you just enjoy food more than alcohol).

  3. Go out for drinks

    You don't need us to tell you to go out for drinks on National Happy Hour Day, but we're doing to anyway. But instead of heading to the old standby, venture out to a spot you've been itching to try. If there are a few places within walking distance, you could even try making a mini pub crawl out of the evening. 

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Why We Love National Happy Hour Day

  1. It gives us a chance to hang with our coworkers

    We're not saying we need booze to get along with our coworkers, but it doesn't hurt (usually). After a day of working hard at the office, it's good to let your hair down with the people who helped you get through it. We might all have responsibilities outside the office, but all you really need is one good hour. (And if you stay more than that, no one’s going to judge you for putting in that sweet OT.)

  2. We get the opportunity to try out a new place at a discount

    We like adventure as much as the next person, but some prospects are riskier than others. You know how a friend recommends a place you have to check out? Well, if it's the friend who likes everything (we all have one), you could be in trouble. Fortunately, happy hourgives us a chance to check out a new spot at a discount. Sadly, even if the beersarehalf off, the samedoesn't gofor the calories. Bummer!

  3. We don't feel guilty paying for a ride home

    Reliable public transportation isn't a perk that everyone gets to enjoy, and calling a cab isn’t always budget friendly. But, with all the money you save by not paying full price at happy hour, there’s lots of wiggle room for all your cab needs. It’s the one time you don’t have to feel guilty about spending extra on the ride home.

National Happy Hour Day dates
2019November 12Tuesday
2020November 12Thursday
2021November 12Friday
2022November 12Saturday
2023November 12Sunday