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Jet Jurgensmeyer was born on November 27, 2004, in Nashville, Tennessee. Since the age of three, Jurgensmeyer has entertained his family with his humorous antics. He enjoyed performing for an audience even before he could walk or make whole phrases. His parents, upon discovering his hidden skills, allowed him to sing and play the guitar at their family restaurant, thereby providing him with his first stage and much-needed exposure. Jurgensmeyer’s innate knack for performing in front of an audience contributed to his current success. This jewel is an encouragement to both the young and the old, and we cannot wait for him to become a major celebrity one day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jet Jurgensmeyer

Birth date:

November 27, 2004



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Jet Jurgensmeyer was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 27, 2004, where his parents oversaw a restaurant with live music and supper performances. Since the age of three, he has amused his family with his humorous pranks. Even before he could walk or compose whole sentences, Jurgensmeyer liked performing in front of an audience. Upon seeing their son’s hidden talents, his parents would simply let him sing and play guitar at the family restaurant. It was not about the money; it was just about providing him with his first-ever platform and the required publicity. It is known that he has been attending a local school for his education. However, there is no data regarding his college enrollment.

In 2012, Jurgensmeyer was cast as Spanky in Alex Zamm’s 2014 film “The Little Rascals Save the Day.” His filmography includes “Devil’s Knot” (2013) and “American Sniper” (2014). He portrayed Bobby in the 2016 Disney Channel film “Adventures in Babysitting,” where he portrayed one of the babysitting pairs of youngsters. In the same year, Jurgensmeyer was cast in Nickelodeon’s “Legends of the Secret Temple” as Dudley, the youngest of three siblings who traversed the hidden temple. In Blue Sky Studios’ “Ferdinand,” he voiced the child version of Peyton Manning’s character Guapo. He also voiced Pip the Penguin on the Disney Junior animated series, “T.O.T.S.”

In addition to being an actor, he has become a voice-over artist for various films. Jurgensmeyer has also played several additional parts in feature films. He portrayed the younger Luke in the 2012 film “Lukewarm.” He is also a singer and songwriter and has appeared in various advertisements.

Career timeline

He Makes His Broadcast Debut

Jurgensmeyer makes his broadcast debut on the C.B.S. television series, “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation,” as a guest star.

He is Cast in a Lead Role

He is cast as Spanky in Alex Zamm's film, “The Little Rascals Save the Day.”

He Appears in a Disney Film

He portrayed Bobby in the Disney Channel film, “Adventures in Babysitting.”

2018 — 2020
He is Cast in a Comedy Series

Jurgensmeyer portrays Boyd Baxter on the FOX comedy series, “Last Man Standing.”

Why We Love Jet Jurgensmeyer

  1. He loves basketball

    Jurgensmeyer is an avid admirer of collegiate basketball. The Missouri Tigers and Belmont Bruins are his two favorite clubs.

  2. He contributes to the hospice

    Jurgensmeyer is a philanthropist. He supports Make-A-Wish and other hospice organizations.

  3. He is an enthusiastic athlete

    Jurgensmeyer likes spending time with his family and friends, as well as fishing and riding horses. His athletic interests include soccer, basketball, and karate.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He returns to his Nashville origins

    Occasionally, Jurgensmeyer enjoys returning to his Nashville heritage by donning Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, or Converse shoes.

  2. He enjoys riding horses

    When Jurgensmeyer is not performing or producing music, he enjoys horseback riding on his family's Missouri farm.

  3. His golden ticket to fame

    When Jurgensmeyer aced his first audition at the age of four, he discovered his path to stardom.

  4. He appears on well-known projects

    Jurgensmeyer has appeared in several important works, including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Hot in Cleveland,” among others.

  5. A prominent face in children’s shows

    In addition to television shows, Jurgensmeyer is a notable face on the Disney and Nickelodeon networks.

Jet Jurgensmeyer FAQs

What movies and T.V. shows has Jet Jurgensmeyer been in?

From 2018 to 2020, he portrayed Boyd Baxter on the FOX comedy series, “Last Man Standing,” and from 2019 to 2021, he voiced Pip the Penguin on the Disney Junior animated series, “T.O.T.S.”

How old is Jet Jurgensmeyer from “Adventures in Babysitting”?

He turns 18 on November 27, 2022.

What's new with Jet Jurgensmeyer?

Currently, he doesn’t have any new movies or television shows. However, you can stay up to date on him through his YouTube channel, where he uploads his new singles.

Jet Jurgensmeyer’s birthday dates

2024November 27Wednesday
2025November 27Thursday
2026November 27Friday
2027November 27Saturday
2028November 27Monday

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