Kaylie Leas

Kaylie Leas is a TikToker who is famous for sharing anonymous stories online, which she receives from her fans. Her lip-syncing videos on social media have gained her a vast fan base of more than eight million followers. Let’s get to know more about her on her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kaylie Leas

Birth date:

November 20, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4.17"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Kaylie's Social Media:


Kaylie Leas was born on November 20, 2001, in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. She is a famous content creator and TikTok star, known for sharing stories submitted anonymously to her by fans. Her first TikTok video arrived in November 2019, with one of her oldest videos being “Wiggle It” by French Montana. She also posts several selfies, and fashion and beauty photographs to her account on Instagram, with a community of more than 110,000 followers there.

Leas posted a trending spa video with her beau Danny Williams in April 2021. Her dog has also appeared in her TikTok videos. She has danced in a TikTok video to music by the iconic Kash Doll. While Leas already had a YouTube channel since 2013, her first YouTube video came out in November 2020. She has posted storytime content, makeup videos, vlogs, and shorts on her dedicated channel, which already has 223,000+ subscribers and counting. It has already notched up views of seven million.

Leas first posted on Instagram in August 2020. Ever since, she has built up a steady following, while promoting several brands including PrettyLittleThing, Princess Polly Boutique, and many others. She also promotes several cosmetics and skincare brands including Truly Beauty, Farmacy Beauty, Foreo, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Revitalash Cosmetics, Mario Badescu, Vike Beauty, Baseblue Cosmetics, and many others. She has also endorsed the likes of CASETiFY and HelloFresh. She is currently in a relationship with Danny Williams.

Career timeline

She Joins YouTube

Leas creates her channel on YouTube.

Her First TikTok Video

Leas releases her first TikTok video on the platform.

Her Instagram Debut

Leas joins the world of Instagram by uploading her first post.

Her First YouTube Video

Although Leas joined YouTube much earlier, she finally uploads her first video on her channel.

Why We Love Kaylie Leas

  1. She posts great content

    From her lip-sync to her moves and fashion/beauty tips, Leas always has great content to offer to her followers. She makes sure to post about the latest TikTok trends so that fans remain entertained.

  2. She looks stunning

    Leas is indeed gorgeous, and we love how she maintains herself. Her shopping hauls and makeup tutorials offer great tips on how to look cool and fashionable.

  3. She spreads positive messages

    Leas believes in self-love and makes it a point to spread good vibes through her platforms. Her vlogs on her daily life leave her fans happy no matter how their day went.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is an entrepreneur

    Leas has her line of merchandise called Storytime From Anonymous, which features apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, and sweatshirts.

  2. She is creative

    Leas has posted about some of her D.I.Y. projects on her social media which reflects her creative side. .

  3. She is a dog lover

    Leas has three pet dogs, who are often seen in her TikTok videos.

  4. She is already a millionaire

    Leas’ net worth is estimated to be $2 million thanks to her endorsements.

  5. She is anti-bullying

    Leas is passionate about using her social media to spread awareness about and combat bullying.

Kaylie Leas FAQs

Which camera does Kaylie Leas use to record her videos?

Leas shoots her videos using a Cannon G7x mark ii.

Is Kaylie Leas in a relationship?

Leas is currently not in a relationship.

From where can you purchase Kaylie Leas’ merchandise?

Her merchandise is available for purchase from the Bonfire website.

Kaylie Leas’s birthday dates

2024November 20Wednesday
2025November 20Thursday
2026November 20Friday
2027November 20Saturday
2028November 20Monday

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