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Joshua Otis Turner was born on November 20, 1977, and is a leading country and gospel singer in America, along with being an actor as well. He signed up with M.C.A. Nashville Records in 2013. His debut album had ‘Long Black Train,’ its title track, released in the same year. His second album was “Your Man” in 2006 and this had two of his greatest hits, namely ‘Would You Go With Me,’ and ‘Your Man.’ His “Everything is Fine” in 2007 had a number-two listing for ‘Firecracker.’ His “Haywire” came out in 2010, with his biggest-ever hit, namely ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance.’ He also had another hit in ‘All Over Me.’ His “Punching Bag” album came out in 2012, with ‘Time is Love’ becoming the biggest country music hit of the year. We’ll help you celebrate his birthday here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Joshua Otis Turner

Birth date:

November 20, 1977



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0.83"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$17 million

Joshua's Social Media:


Joshua Otis Turner was born in Hannah, South Carolina, on November 20, 1977. The church was a major influence on him, leading him to start a gospel outfit known as Thankful Hearts. He also sang bass here, along with singing the baritone/bass portions in various choirs. Therefore, he had to rest his voice for a year. He attended Hannah-Pamplico High School and Francis Marion University, before shifting to Nashville, Tennessee, for his musical career. He then got into Belmont University. He debuted at the Grand Ole Opry in 2001, with his song ‘Long Black Train.’

In 2003, he released his debut album, “Long Black Train.” ‘Your Man’ was released in 2006. “Everything Is Fine” came out in 2007 with ‘Firecracker’ from the album creating another sensation. By this time, Turner had several notable performances, super-hit songs, and credits under his belt. His ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance’ was a single released in 2009. It became his biggest-ever hit. The album was released in 2010 with a special version of the song in April as well. His “Punching Bag” came out in 2012. The year 2012 saw the release of “Live Across America,” while ‘Lay Low’ came out in 2014. A single called ‘Hometown Girl’ was released in 2016, while 2017 saw the release of ‘Deep South.’ The studio album “I Serve a Savior” was released in 2018. He has also worked in the 2008 movie called “Billy: The Early Years.”

Turner has a sister and brother. He married Jennifer Ford in 2003. They have four sons together.

Career timeline

His Big Stage Debut

Turner debuts with the Grand Ole Opry.

His First Album

He releases his first and super-successful album “Long Black Train.”

His Grand Ole Opry Membership

He attains membership in the Grand Ole Opry in 2007.

His Biggest Superhit Song

He reveals his biggest-ever hit ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance.’

Why We Love Josh Turner

  1. He is an incredible singer

    Turner’s voice and singing textures are incredible. His deep baritone has melted the hearts of his fans all over the world.

  2. He has seen his share of struggles

    Turner has suffered from health issues in the past but has not let them get in the way of his aspirations. His resilience in dealing with his vocal chord condition and his panic attacks in the past has made him a worthy role model for young people.

  3. He is a committed family man

    Turner remains devoted to his wife and four sons, which is an admirable trait. His young sons have also started following in the footsteps of their musician parents with the boys having recently performed ‘The River (Of Happiness)’ onstage at Gaither Studio.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He stopped singing for a year

    In 1996, Turner developed a lesion affecting his right vocal cord because of which he had to rest his voice for a year and learn several voice-protection techniques.

  2. His wife performs with him

    His wife also performs with him, singing background vocals and playing the keyboards.

  3. He has made country music history

    Turner is the second youngest person to be admitted to the Grand Ole Opry.

  4. He comes from a musically inclined family

    Turner’s mother was a choir singer and his grandmother was a choir director at his home church for decades.

  5. He is a spiritual person

    Turner often speaks about his faith and has called himself a committed and devout Christian.

Josh Turner FAQs

Which musical instrument does Josh Turner play?

Turner plays the guitar.

Which church does Josh Turner follow?

Turner was baptized at the age of 12 at the Union Baptist Church.

Where did Josh Turner first meet his wife?

Turner met his wife Jennifer while they were studying at Belmont University.

Josh Turner’s birthday dates

2024November 20Wednesday
2025November 20Thursday
2026November 20Friday
2027November 20Saturday
2028November 20Monday

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