Jaxon Bieber

Jaxon Bieber, born November 20, 2009, is a musical phenomenon and singer. When he initially appeared on a show with famous singer Justin Bieber, his older brother, he shot to popularity. Furthermore, he frequently appears on his brother’s Twitter and Instagram pages. Due to his brother’s fame, he is living a high-profile life at a young age and is no less than any star at the age of ten. He is becoming a well-known figure in Canada. Let’s celebrate him right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jaxon Bieber


Little Bieber, Little Justin

Birth date:

November 20, 2009



Zodiac Sign:



4' 1"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Jaxon's Social Media:


Jaxon Bieber was born on November 5, 2009. He is the half-brother of Justin Bieber, a musical sensation and vocalist. He was born in Canada to Jeremy Bieber and Erin Wagner. He also frequently visits his brother’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thanks to his internationally famous brother, he is living a high-profile life.

With his distinctively golden hair and deep, brown eyes, he leads the list of adorable youngsters trending on social media. ‘Beliebers,’ as his brother’s fervent admirers are known, adore his charming looks. He accompanied his brother to the 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony when he was just six years old, and he looked exceedingly cute and elegant (much to the audience’s amusement) as he walked the Red Carpet. Crazy admirers have given him endearing nicknames like ‘Little Justin,’ ‘Little Bieber,’ and ‘Prince,’ and they don’t miss an occasion to show their love for him.

Being exposed to a celebrity lifestyle since he was a toddler, he is used to the constant barrage of attention he receives and has handled it admirably. He now appears alongside other well-known Canadian social media stars, and every time he posts a photo or tweet about his personal life, his Twitter and Instagram accounts generate a massive response. As amazing as it may seem, he already has over one million Instagram followers and over 600,000 Twitter followers. He comes from a multi-talented family, and Beliebers can only hope that he follows in his elder brother’s footsteps and mesmerizes the world with his voice. Because of his growing interest in fashion and his sense of style, many major brands may be lining up to sign up little Bieber for endorsements very soon.

Career timeline

The First Instagram Post

Bieber posts a video on Instagram stuttering through the words “I’m sexy, and I know it.”

The Grammy Red Carpet Walk

Bieber and his brother, Justin Bieber, both attend the Grammy awards in February, where he shows off his best looks on the red carpet.

The YouTube Channel is Launched

In September, his parents create a YouTube channel for him, immediately gaining a lot of subscribers.

[The First Video Post

In November, the managers of the account upload the first and only video on his YouTube channel, titled "Jaxon Bieber vs. Birthday Cake!!"

Why We Love Jaxon Bieber

  1. He is an interesting kid

    Bieber can hold his own and not get overwhelmed. He proved this when he walked the Grammy red carpet without becoming unhinged.

  2. He is Justin Bieber’s brother

    Bieber gained fame due to his older brother, Justin Bieber. Furthermore, he is often featured on his brother’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

  3. He is a great younger brother

    The interaction between him and his brother is a delight to watch. They both seem to have a wonderful relationship, and they are super adorable!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He loves biking

    One of Bieber’s favorite activities is biking, and he also enjoys participating in outdoor activities.

  2. He is a travel enthusiast

    Bieber is a travel enthusiast who appreciates exploring new areas.

  3. He is a basketball player

    Bieber loves sports and is a good basketball player.

  4. He loves to read books

    Bieber loves to pick a book from time to time.

  5. He attends a private school

    Bieber is very brilliant and studious, and he is currently working hard on his studies.

Jaxon Bieber FAQs

Does Jaxon Bieber play hockey?

He is a good ice hockey player and often plays it with his elder brother Justin Bieber.

Is Jaxon Bieber a twin?

No he is not

Can Jaxon Bieber sing?

Bieber has not yet launched his music career, but he has shown interest in making music.

Jaxon Bieber’s birthday dates

2024November 20Wednesday
2025November 20Thursday
2026November 20Friday
2027November 20Saturday
2028November 20Monday

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