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George Sear, born on November 14, 1997, is a British actor from Essex, England. Sear has gained much of his fame from his role as Benji in the series “Love, Victor.” The actor developed an interest in the field since childhood and landed his first television role when he was 12 years old when he featured in two episodes of “The Bill.” His first major acting role was in the Disney show, “Evermore,” where he played a lead role from 2014 until 2016. A few acting roles later, he was cast in the “Love, Victor” series in 2020, where he gained much recognition. In addition to acting, Sear loves breakdancing and once competed in a dance championship in which he won second place. We find out more about this rising actor’s life right here as we celebrate his birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

George Sear

Birth date:

November 14, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

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George Sear, born on November 14, 1997, is a British actor well known for his role in the spin-off television series “Love, Victor.” Sear was born in Essex, England. His mother, Juliet Sear, is a well-known author, food stylist, baker, and host of her own television cooking show, while his father, Simon Sear, works as a Chief Innovation Officer. Sear’s sister, Ruby Sear, also entered the film industry as a writer and director. Lyd Sear is his other sister. Sear has had an interest in acting since childhood and practiced his acting skills with several plays before auditioning for television roles.

At the age of 12, in 2009, Sear made his television debut with a role in two episodes of “The Bill.” While he loves acting, Sear loves dancing, too. He developed an interest in breakdancing and before taking classes, he learned the basics by watching YouTube videos. In 2012, he competed in the UDO World Championship dance competition and won second place! Shortly after, he appeared on a television show called “Alisha’s Street Dance Stars.” Refocusing on his acting, Sear got his first leading role in 2014 in the Disney show, “Evermore,” which he starred in until 2016. In 2015, he appeared as a host on the BAFTA British children’s television series called “Friday Download,” and later appeared in the film version “Friday Download – The Movie.”

Sear can also be seen in a few episodes of the television series “Will” in 2017, in season three of “Into The Badlands” in 2018, and “Alex Rider” in 2020. Also in 2020, he landed another major role in “Love, Victor” as Benji. As far as this great actor’s love life is concerned, there haven’t been any rumors about any real-life love interests. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys having B.B.Q.’s with them at his grandmother’s beach hut when he visits home.

Career timeline

Sear Makes His Television Debut

Sear makes his television debut with a role in two episodes of “The Bill.”

Sear Competes in a Dance Competition

He competes in the UDO World Championship dance competition and wins second place.

He Lands His First Leading Role

Sear gets his first leading role in the Disney show, “Evermore.”

He Stars in “Love, Victor.”

He lands a major role in “Love, Victor” as Benji.

Why We Love George Sear

  1. He has multiple interests

    Step aside because Sear is not one to limit himself to just a single interest! This great actor knows how to dance, play a few instruments, is developing his calisthenics skills, and loves to write! What’s next on Sear’s skill set list?

  2. He’s a great actor

    His past movies have brought out his talent to the world. Sear is a fantastic actor and we hope to see his handsome smile in more films and series in the future!

  3. He’s a family man

    Although he doesn’t have one of his own just yet, he loves spending time with his parents and siblings when he visits his England hometown. He especially loves hanging out with them at his grandmother’s beach hut.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s a hot vegan

    Sear has been vegan for several years and even entered the U.K. and Ireland’s hottest vegan contest.

  2. He has a man-crush

    Sear’s celebrity man-crush is actor James Franco simply because he is a huge fan of his work.

  3. He is an aspiring writer and filmmaker

    Sear loves writing, has an interest in filmmaking, and hopes to follow in his sister’s footsteps one day in this field!

  4. Good music, drums, and guitars

    Sear loves good music and knows how to play the drums and guitar, in fact, he once guest presented on B.B.C. Radio One’s Chart show when he was a teenager.

  5. He has the strength of a superhero

    Sear loves fitness and practices calisthenics, a form of strength training.

George Sear FAQs

Where does George Sear live now?

His current place of residence is in Los Angeles, California.

Are Victor and Benji together in real life?

No. “Love, Victor” has faced criticism for casting straight actors in gay roles instead of queer people. Both Michael Cimino and Sear, who are love interests in the series, are straight in real life.

Does George Sear have any tattoos?

Yes. He has a tattoo of a lion on his right shoulder.

George Sear’s birthday dates

2024November 14Thursday
2025November 14Friday
2026November 14Saturday
2027November 14Sunday
2028November 14Tuesday

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