Park Woo Jin

Park Woo-Jin, born on November 2, 1999, better known as Woojin, is a talented South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter. The young star ranked sixth in the second season of “Produce 101,” becoming a member of the Wanna One project group. Currently, Woojin is a member of the boy group AB6IX. Today, we’ll help you celebrate his special day with interesting details about Woo-Jin’s life and career right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Park Woo-Jin

Birth date:

November 2, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million


K-pop star Park Woo-Jin, more popularly known as Woojin, was born in Busan, South Korea. At the age of 11, Woojin decided to audition for the survival show called “Superstar K.” He attended Korean Arts High School, where he graduated in January 2018. He is a very hardworking person and trained for 14 months before appearing in the second season of the reality show “Produce 101.” Early in his career, Woojin started as a trainee at J.Y.P. Entertainment but later joined Brand New Music.

In 2017, the young idol was the representative of Brand New Music in the second season of the boy group survival reality show “Produce 101.” He created the choreography for ‘Hollywood,’ which he and his Brand New Music colleagues performed in the “Produce 101” ranking evaluation. The idol debuted in the group Wanna One during the “Wanna One Premier Show-Con” that took place in August 2017 at the Gocheok Sky Dome with their debut mini album “1×1=1 (To Be One).” The star promoted Wanna One’s ‘Triple Position’ which won the Best Unit Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in the year 2018. His contract with Wanna One ended on December 31, 2018, although he performed with the group until his Official farewell in January 2019.

In early 2019, he collaborated with Lee Dae-hwi and released a single called ‘Candle.’ In March of the same year, he collaborated with American rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie and released the Korean version of ‘Look Back at It.’ In the same month, the star was confirmed as part of the cast of the Thai show “Law of the Jungle.” He made his debut in the boy group AB6IX in 2019.

Career timeline

His Career Begins

Woojin becomes an idol in the group Wanna One.

He Becomes a Songwriter

Park writes the song 'Good Day,' performed by the group M.X.M.

He Wins the M.A.M.A. Award

He promotes the mini-album "Triple Position" with Wanna One and wins the ‘Best Unit Award’ with the group.

He Sings a Hit Drama O.S.T.

He sings the song ‘Puzzle’ from the O.S.T. of the drama "Mr. Queen" along with Soyou, who is a former member of the girl group SISTAR.

Why We Love Park Woo Jin

  1. He’s a powerhouse of talent

    Woojin is a man of many talents and has always dreamed of being an artist. His appearance in "KSuperstar" and mimicry of BigBang's T.O.P. won him many fans!

  2. He’s very affectionate

    He loves his friends! And one of the ways he shows this affection is to carry people on his shoulders and walk around, which looks very cute.

  3. He has an attractive personality

    We love that Woojin is so focused yet so playful! He's also very organized, which adds to his success as an entertainment professional.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is scared of insects

    Woojin is known to be very afraid of wasps.

  2. He is living his childhood dream

    Woojin dreamed of being a singer since he was a child.

  3. His fans love his “imperfections”

    Woojin has a snaggletooth, which his admirers find very cute.

  4. He’s sporty

    Woojin loves sports, especially soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

  5. He is a K-drama addict

    Woojin simply loves to watch Korean dramas.

Park Woo Jin FAQs

Does Woojin have tattoos?

He has some tattoos on his arms and the side of one of his hands.

What is Woojin's sister's name?

His sister is called Park Yerim.

What is Woojin's personality type?

Some people believe him to be an I.N.T.P., while others believe him to be an E.N.F.J. personality type.

Park Woo Jin’s birthday dates

2024November 2Saturday
2025November 2Sunday
2026November 2Monday
2027November 2Tuesday
2028November 2Thursday

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