Brielle Barbusca

Brielle Barbusca was born on November 2, 1998. She is an American model and actress best known for portraying Debra Messing’s on-screen daughter in the romantic comedy T.V. series “The Starter Wife” on USA Network. She began her career with commercials before making her television debut in the pilot episode of C.B.S.’s short-lived courtroom comedy-drama “Queens Supreme.” Barbusca’s feature film debut was in 2004 with the science fiction thriller “The Forgotten.” In 2007, she made her breakthrough as Jaden Kagan in the miniseries “The Starter Wife” and was later cast in its T.V. series. She has since established herself as one of Hollywood’s most talented young actresses. We’ll help you celebrate this rising star’s special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Brielle Barbusca

Birth date:

November 2, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Brielle's Social Media:


Brielle Barbusca was born on November 2, 1998, in New Jersey, to Louie and Debra Lynn Barbusca. She is of Sicilian descent and has an actor brother, Thomas, who plays Chip Pemberton in Fox’s sitcom “The Mick.” A talent agent noticed her picture on the wall of her uncle’s restaurant in New York City when she was three years old. He later got in touch with her mother, and she’s been acting ever since. Barbusca began her career in ad campaigns before making her T.V. career debut in “Queens Supreme.” She has worked on commercials and print campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola, Mattel, Apple, and Netflix.

Barbusca portrayed a kidnapped girl in the pilot episode of “Queens Supreme” in 2003. She went on to star in the N.B.C. crime drama “Third Watch.” She made her feature film debut in 2004 with “The Forgotten,” a science fiction horror film. The film was a commercial success and starred Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise, Alfre Woodard, Linus Roache, and Anthony Edwards. Barbusca appeared in the 2005 romantic comedy “Hitch” alongside Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James. She also played Briana Melville in the A.B.C. sitcom “Hope & Faith,” which starred Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa. She appeared in the 2005 episode “House of Cards” of “Law & Order.” Barbusca was in “The Starter Wife,” a U.S.A. Network miniseries based on Gigi Levangie Grazer’s novel of the same name; Debra Messing, Judy Davis, and Miranda Otto starred in the show. Barbusca played the role of Jaden Kagan, Molly Kagan’s seven-year-old daughter from her soon-to-be ex-husband Kenny Kagan. Her character was a stereotypical seven-year-old whose objectives centered on the latest toy and reuniting her parents. Barbusca reprised her role in the miniseries and novel-based T.V. series. Her character got a much bigger role in the show’s plot, which aired ten episodes between October 10, 2008, and December 12, 2008.

Barbusca took a three-year break from acting to concentrate on her studies. In 2012, she decided to return to the entertainment world with a surprise appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” That same year, she appeared in a short film called “Microeconomics.” By 2013, Barbusca had successfully transitioned from child to adult roles, appearing in six projects, including the telefilm “Twang,” A.B.C.’s mockumentary family sitcom “Modern Family,” Nickelodeon’s anthology series “Deadtime Stories,” Fox’s medical comedy-drama “The Mindy Project,” A.B.C.’s sitcom “Trophy Wife,” and comedy-drama “Definitely Mel.” In 2014, Barbusca appeared as a recurring character on A.B.C.’s political thriller “Scandal,” and in 2015, she appeared as a guest star on Fox’s crime procedural drama “Bones.” Over the next two years, she played various minor roles. She landed the role of Bonnie in Showtime’s comedy-drama “Shameless,” a remake of the U.K. T.V. show of the same name. Barbusca also appeared in the family drama “The Fosters” on Freedom, the web series “Kings of Con,” and the Disney Channel’s “Best Friends Whenever.” Barbusca appeared as a cheerleader in two episodes of C.B.S.’s comedy series “Young Sheldon” in 2017. She then appeared as Sasha in the drama film “Party Mom” in 2018 after guest-starring in Fox’s procedural drama “9-1-1.” Barbusca played Jenna in the episode “Gunpowder Treason” of the action series “S.W.A.T.” in 2020. She will also appear as Catherine in the comedy “Saturday at the Starlight,” in which teenagers, tweens, and crooks hang out at the local roller rink one night in the 1990s.

Career timeline

She Makes Her T.V. Career Debut

Barbusca makes her television debut as a kidnapped girl in the second episode of "Queens Supreme."

She Appears in “Law & Order”

Barbusca portrays a little girl in the episode "House of Cards" of "Law & Order."

She Stars in “The Starter Wife”

Barbusca plays Jaden Kagan in the drama T.V. series "The Starter Wife."

She Returns to the World of Entertainment

Barbusca makes a surprise appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" after taking a three-year break from acting to focus on her studies.

Tina Q. Nguyen Interviews Her

Nguyen interviews Barbusca in an episode of the talk show, "TinaQ's Celebrity Interviews."

She Appears Twice in “Young Sheldon”

Barbusca appears as a cheerleader in two episodes of the comedy television series "Young Sheldon."

She Stars in “Saturday at the Starlight”

Barbusca plays Catherine in "Saturday at the Starlight.”

Why We Love Brielle Barbusca

  1. She has the most endearing personality

    Barbusca is not only a stunning and talented actress; she also has a charming personality, as evidenced by her appearances on talk shows and numerous TikTok and Instagram posts. She is always sweet and kind to others and portrays her characters in a way that delights and fascinates her fans.

  2. She is an exceptional actress

    Barbusca began acting as a child and has grown to enjoy it; she appeared in several films and television shows and was excellent in every role. Barbusca spends her free time practicing and honing her acting skills.

  3. She is nice to her fans

    Barbusca is a famous and successful actress of her generation who has gained thousands of adoring fans because of her hard work. She is always grateful for the love she receives from her fans and is courteous and kind to them; she always responds to their comments and messages.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She adores crocs

    Barbusca adores crocs and has stated on TikTok that they will never go out of style.

  2. She has four favorite artists

    Barbusca's favorite artists are Mac Miller, Beyoncé, Pitbull, and Megan Thee Stallion, and she mostly listens to them on Spotify.

  3. She doesn’t know how to drive

    Even though she is an adult, Barbusca doesn't know how to drive a car or ride a bike.

  4. Her brother doesn’t like social media

    Barbusca's brother Thomas dislikes social media and does not spend much time on his phone.

  5. She is dating Ethan Cutkosky

    Barbusca is currently dating Cutkosky; they began dating in 2015 and have been together for about six years.

Brielle Barbusca FAQs

What is Brielle Barbusca's new movie?

Barbusca will play Sam in the upcoming thriller “Don’t Log Off.”

How old is Thomas Barbusca?

Thomas, Barbusca’s younger brother, was born on March 3, 2003. He is now 19 years old in 2022.

Who is Brielle Barbusca’s guy best friend?

Barbusca’s best friend is actor and model Christian Weissmann.

Brielle Barbusca’s birthday dates

2024November 2Saturday
2025November 2Sunday
2026November 2Monday
2027November 2Tuesday
2028November 2Thursday

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