Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers, born November 5, 1911, was a movie actor and singer. In his career, he reached a peak that earned him the title of ‘King of the Cowboys’ and the most popular Western performer. His journey to stardom began when he performed on the radio in an amateur show called “Midnight Frolic,” and his voice distinguished him. Rogers appeared in over 100 films throughout his career. He also starred in the radio program “The Roy Rogers Radio Show” which spanned for more than a decade. Along with his music career, he released notable albums, including “The Country Side of Roy Rogers,” “A Man from Duck Run,” and “Tribute.” In the 1940s and 1950s, he reigned as the number one Western star at the box office, emerging on top of all the other talents in the industry. Even after he died in 1998, Rogers remains a legend in America. We’ll celebrate this iconic actor’s birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Leonard Franklin Slye


King of the Cowboys, King of the West

Birth date:

November 5, 1911

Death date:

December 6, 1998 (age 87)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Net Worth:

$150 million


Roy Rogers was born Leonard Franklin Slye on November 5, 1911, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Andrew E. Slye and Mattie Womack. He had many siblings and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. His background speaks of humble beginnings since they didn’t have much. Nonetheless, he didn’t despise the days of his humble beginnings. He was crafty and even made his toys. Growing up, Rogers had his own dog and was ecstatic about hunting.

He was married four times but remained with his latest wife, Dale Evans, who was a part-time singer and dancer, from 1947 until he died in 1998. Until his death, Rogers had a total of 16 children (both biological and adopted) and 27 grandchildren. Rogers and Evans were a compatible pair and costarred in several movies.

Rogers was an ambitious lad. However, he had to drop out of school to work at the family’s farm for two years. His big break came when, with the help of his sister, he signed up to perform at a radio station on an amateur program called “Midnight Frolic,” where anyone could receive a chance to perform. He performed so well that he became a public figure. Following this achievement, he formed his own group called The Sons of the Pioneers, and this move ushered him into another breakthrough moment since they began to get big roles in movies. He was one of the greatest motion picture stars, and for more than three decades, Rogers reigned as ‘The King of the Cowboys’ and remains an American legend of all time. The iconic hero died of congestive heart failure on July 6, 1998.

Career timeline

He Lands His First Starring Role

When Gene Autery fails to show up to film “Under Western Stars,” the producers decide to go with Rogers in his starring role.

1940s and 1950s
He Becomes Box Office’s Number One

He becomes number one at the box office, elevating him above all the other Western movie stars at the time.

He Achieves His Biggest Year

One hundred million tickets are sold for the movies that he starred in.

The Mega Comic Books Sale

More than two million copies of his comic books are sold each month.

“The Roy Rogers Show” Airs

Between 1944 and 1957, his series “The Roy Rogers Show” airs on radio and television, where he stars in his fictional version.

He is Given a Commemorative Medallion

Rogers is given a commemorative medallion from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Why We Love Roy Rogers

  1. He’s a hero to many

    A lot of baby boomers born at his age said Rogers shaped their childhood. Through him, they have a legend who believes that good guys always win.

  2. His faith carried his family through tribulations

    Rogers and Evans had the Christian faith. Their faith carried them through the thorny parts of life, particularly in times of loss and grief.

  3. He didn’t let his background define him

    Rogers came from a humble background since his family didn’t have much. He defied this reality to make great achievements. A whole generation looked up to him as their hero.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He lent his name to businesses

    Rogers became an undisputable household name that his name meant business, and several businesses and chains of restaurants adopted his name and image to brand their items.

  2. Trigger was his best friend

    He considers his horse as a member of the family, a strong bond between a human and an animal, and even his wife, whom he loved dearly, came second.

  3. His legacy of integrity

    Integrity was the undertone of all his endeavors, on-screen and off-screen, and this was continually depicted in his roles, where the good guys always win.

  4. He adopted several children

    In Apple Valley, civic buildings, streets, and highways were named in honor of Rogers for providing a home for the handicapped and homeless children who the couple adopted.

  5. Three stars on the Walk of Fame

    Rogers has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1752 Vine Street, 1733 Vine Street, and 1620 Vine Street.

Roy Rogers FAQs

Is Dale Evans still living?

She died on February 7, 2001, at 88 years old.

Did Roy Rogers have a son?

Yes, Roy Rogers, Jr. was his son.

Was Roy Rogers a real cowboy?

According to an eight-year-old Michael Jones and his grandmother, Rogers was a real cowboy.

Roy Rogers’s birthday dates

2024November 5Tuesday
2025November 5Wednesday
2026November 5Thursday
2027November 5Friday
2028November 5Sunday

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