Kennedy Cymone

Kennedy Cymone Knight is a beauty and lifestyle guru who was born on November 29, 1998. She started her Youtube channel way back in 2011 as a young girl. One year later, Knight began posting content to the YouTube channel that she named FabulousInMaking. Several videos later, she grew a huge fan base of people who liked her for her attractive looks and personality. The channel’s name has since been changed to her personal name, Kennedy Cymone. She does makeup and beauty tutorials on the channel, where she experiments with different brands. We’ll help you celebrate Knight’s birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kennedy Cymone Knight

Birth date:

November 29, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Kennedy's Social Media:


Kennedy Cymone Knight is a beauty and lifestyle expert who gained fame with her YouTube channel, FabulousInMaking. Knight was born on November 29, 1998, in the U.S. and raised alongside her brother, Korbin Chase. Little is known about her parents, childhood life, and educational experience. Knight always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in social media.

In September 2011, Knight created her first YouTube channel and named it “FabulousInMaking.” She didn’t publish anything on the channel until May 2012. Several months into creating content, she had garnered a few fans who loved her for her personality and charm. Knight became an instant hit and was made a teen sensation. Eventually, she began posting content related to beauty and makeup. She began by creating easy tutorials on how to apply makeup the right way. Knight has done numerous tutorials on how to apply lipstick, highlighter, and foundations. In addition, she does stylish hairdo tutorials and Kylie Jenner-inspired makeup tutorials.

Over the years, Knight has worked hard on her content and released many videos to date. She changed the name of her channel to “Kennedy Cymone” since she has grown to become a brand. The channel has accumulated more than a million subscribers as of 2022. Knight has partnered with multiple beauty brands and marketing companies such as StyleHaul, a global marketing services, and media company. Her personality and southern charm have contributed to the growth of her business. She has managed to cement herself among the list of top beauty and lifestyle gurus.

Career timeline

The Debut YouTube Channel

Knight creates her first YouTube channel, “FabulousInMaking.”

The First Video Posting

In May 2012, Knight posts her first video on the channel.

2012 to 2022
The Growing Channel

Knight works hard on her channel and releases content regularly.

Knight’s Dating Life Goes Public

She gets into a relationship with fellow social media star, PontiacMadeDDG.

Why We Love Kennedy Cymone

  1. She cares about women.

    Knight loves women. She has built an entire business around the beauty industry and she spends most of her time trying to create relevant content for her fans.

  2. She is an animal lover

    Knight loves animals. She is a dog lover and has a dog named ‘Fendi.’

  3. She loves her family

    Knight is close to her family. She once said that helping her family financially is one of the most outstanding accomplishments she has done in her life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She owns a company

    Knight owns a beauty lineup company in the U.S.

  2. She is into fashion

    Knight s not only into beauty and makeup but also fashion.

  3. She is a self-taught entrepreneur

    Knight never went to beauty school; she learned it all on YouTube.

  4. She is part of SAVAGE X FENTY

    In 2020, Knight became the partner of SAVAGE X FENTY, a lingerie brand.

  5. She owns an eyelash company

    Knight’s online eyelash company is known as KCK eyelashes.

Kennedy Cymone FAQs

What nationality is Kennedy Cymone?

She was born in the U.S.

Did DDG break up with Kennedy?

Yes, the two stars are not together anymore.

When was Kennedy Cymone born?

She was born on November 29, 1998.

Kennedy Cymone’s birthday dates

2024November 29Friday
2025November 29Saturday
2026November 29Sunday
2027November 29Monday
2028November 29Wednesday

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