Finley Tapp

Finley Tapp was born on November 9, 1999, in England. He is a former semi-professional football player and reality television star famous for his appearance on season six of “Love Island,” which he won in 2020. He was a player for Oxford City, a non-league club and he also previously played professionally for Milton Keynes Dons. Tapp has been one of the most successful contestants on “Love Island” since he and his girlfriend and former “Love Island” contestant, Paige Turley, are still in a relationship since the show ended in 2020.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Finley Tapp



Birth date:

November 9, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1.2"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Finley's Social Media:


Finley Tapp has risen to popularity through the program “Love Island” where he was a contestant. “Love Island” is a revived program focused on dating. Tapp joined season six of the show and has been a contestant of it since day one of this season. He, together with Paige Turley, was announced the final winner. Both of them remained in a relationship since the end of the show. Aside from being a reality show star, Tapp is an athlete.

Tapp was destined to become a professional footballer from a young age. He joined Milton Keynes Dons’ academy at the age of eight and he progressed through the club’s age groups into its development squad. In 2016, while he was still a player for the academy, Tapp was made to be a substitute for the first team’s E.F.L. Trophy group stage. Tapp scored in the 84th minute but his team still lost. In 2018, he signed a one-year deal with the club with the option of another year.

On August 28, 2018, Tapp made his professional debut but he found the first team club to have limited opportunities and decided to also join the club Stained Town until 2019. Unfortunately, he was released by Milton Keynes Dons at the end of the season and he went on to join Oxford City in 2019.

Career timeline

His First Team

Tapp plays for his academy’s first team.

A Football Contract

Tapp signs his first football contract.

His Football Debut

Tapp makes his professional football debut.

Joining a Reality Television

Tapp appears in season six of “Love Island.”

Why We Love Finley Tapp

  1. His relationship with Turley

    Tapp met his current girlfriend on a reality television show and these things rarely work out. But it seems to be different for this couple as they are still together and happy two years later.

  2. His great style

    For a footballer, Tapp has great style. We didn’t expect to see him in something other than t-shirts and sweatpants, but Tapp has great style and he always looks put together.

  3. His admirable personality

    Tapp is a fun-loving and caring person. No wonder he and Turley have stayed together for this long.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He won big prize money

    Tapp won a shared £50,000 prize on “Love Island.”

  2. He broke a contract

    Tapp wasn’t allowed to appear on television while being a part of Oxford City.

  3. His other television appearances

    Tapp and Turley appeared on “Celebrity Coach Trip.”

  4. He loves fashion

    Tapp loves fashion and dressing nicely.

  5. He loves exercise

    Tapp is very fit and he loves to exercise.

Finley Tapp FAQs

Are Paige and Finley together?

Yes, they are still in a relationship.

How old is Finley Tapp?

He is 22 years old in 2022.

What is Finn Tapp's job?

He is a reality star and social media personality.

Finley Tapp’s birthday dates

2024November 9Saturday
2025November 9Sunday
2026November 9Monday
2027November 9Tuesday
2028November 9Thursday

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