Russell Tyrone Jones

Russell Tyrone Jones, born on November 15, 1968, is best known for being a part of the well-known rap group Wu-Tang Clan. This New York City-based group rose to prominence as one of the most admired hip-hop acts of the contemporary age. “Enter the Wu-Tang,” the album Jones and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan released, was a commercial and critical success. He infused his musical personality with Chinese aesthetics and influences. His name is a reference to the 1980 Kung-Fu movie “Ol’ Dirty and the Bastard,” in which Yuen Siu-Tien starred. Let’s celebrate his special day here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Russell Tyrone Jones


Ol' Dirty Bastard

Birth date:

November 15, 1968

Death date:

November 13, 2004 (age 35)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Russell's Social Media:


Russell Tyrone Jones was born on November 15, 1968, in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood of New York City. Cherry Jones, his mother, referred to him as Rusty. He enjoyed watching martial arts-style movies and listening to rap music, just like his cousins Gary Grice and Robert Diggs. Jones, Diggs, and Grice founded the band Force of the Imperial Master, which became known as All in Together Now after their popular underground track of the same name. They were eventually known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA, and GZA, respectively. The group ultimately grew to include six more members, and they gave it the name Wu-Tang Clan.

In 1993, the group released ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),’ which was a commercial and critical success. Jones’s solo career started on March 28, 1995, when he was 26 years old. ‘Brooklyn Zoo’ and ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya,’ two popular singles from his debut solo album “Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version,” helped the record reach platinum sales status. He worked with Mariah Carey on the remix of her hit ‘Fantasy’ in the same year. He made an appearance on Wu-Tang Clan’s second and most popular album, “Wu-Tang Forever,” which was released in 1997. His second studio album, “Nigga Please,” which was written and released in 1999, enjoyed significant financial success. The single ‘Got Your Money’ from this album achieved worldwide chart success. He entered into a contract with Roc-A-Fella Records in 2003. His final songwriting partnership was with Jon B. on the single ‘Everytime from the album “Stronger Everyday” in October 2004, one month before his passing. He made a posthumous appearance on the song ‘Blah-Blah-Blah’ by Brooke Valentine on her debut album, “Chain Letter,” in 2005, five months after his passing.

On July 25, 1991, Jones wed producer Icelene Jones. Young Dirty Bastard, Shaquita Jones, and Taniqua Jones are his three children.

Career timeline

The First Album is Made

"Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," the debut studio album by Jones' group known as the Wu-Tang Clan, is released on November 9 and is favorably received.

The Solo Career Starts

Jones releases his first solo album, "Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version," to positive reviews, launching his solo career.

The Second Studio Album is Released

He writes and releases a second studio album, "Nigga Please," which becomes commercially successful.

The Posthumous Appearance

Five months after his passing, he makes a posthumous appearance on Brooke Valentine's debut album, "Chain Letter," on the song ‘Blah-Blah-Blah.’

Why We Love Russell Tyrone Jones

  1. He was a talented artist

    Jones was a legend in the rap world even though his career was hindered by ongoing legal issues. His distinctive way of performing a song demonstrated his talent and creativity as an artist.

  2. Music was his passion

    Jones had always been passionate about music. He founded a musical group that was still performing at the time of his passing because of his love of music. He encountered many obstacles, but Jones persisted in his professional aspirations despite encountering so many difficulties. That is how passionate he was.

  3. His lyrics demonstrated the real picture of life

    Jones wrote many songs. His lyrics were a true representation of an emotional person and his sentiments, as can be seen, if we pay great attention to them. His lyrics revealed his inner personality.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His final live performance

    Jones's final live performance took place at the Gathering of the Juggalos in Garrettsville, Ohio, on July 18, 2004.

  2. The song from an unreleased album

    On November 15, 2018, ‘Intoxicated,’ a single from the unreleased album "A Son Unique," was released in honor of Jones' birthday.

  3. He failed to pay child support

    Jones was detained in 1997 for failing to make child support payments for three of his kids.

  4. The 1998 Grammy Awards

    Jones received a nomination for the album "Wu-Tang Forever" in the category of Best Rap Album.

  5. His collaboration with Busta Rhymes

    Jones worked on a single with American rapper and actor Busta Rhymes.

Russell Tyrone Jones FAQs

How did Ol Dirty Bastard die?

Jones sadly passed away from a drug overdose on November 13, 2004, two days before his 36th birthday.

Where was the funeral for Russell Tyrone Jones held?

A large crowd attended Jones’ funeral, which was conducted at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

What time did Russell Tyrone Jones pass away?

Jones passed away at approximately 4:35 p.m.

Russell Tyrone Jones’s birthday dates

2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday
2027November 15Monday
2028November 15Wednesday

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