Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., popularly known as B.o.B, was born on November 15, 1988. He first sought out music as a form of therapy and creative outlet, leading him to make a name for himself in the music industry and collaborate with some big music figures. Some of his first charting singles featured Bruno Mars and Hayley Williams, and his debut album hit the number one spot on the charts at the time. His second album and its singles also did well on the charts. He also has a successful record production career and is part of the production and rap group HamSquad. It’s his special day, so read on to celebrate with us!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.



Birth date:

November 15, 1988



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$6 million

Bobby's Social Media:


B.o.B, whose legal name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His zodiac sign is Scorpio and his ethnicity is African-American. He is the son of Karen and Bobby Ray Simmons, and he has a brother named Jamaal and two sisters named Arielle and Victoria. From elementary school through high school, he played trumpet in his school band and decided in sixth grade that he wanted to pursue music, a decision his parents weren’t supportive of at first. However, they then realized that B.o.B was using it as a creative outlet and form of therapy and decided to help him out.

When he was 14, B.o.B met B-Rich, who would become his mentor and co-manager, and sold his first beat. He also began performing at open mics and underground venues. After producer and industry veteran T.J. Chapman saw him perform, he agreed to co-manage B.o.B and got him signed to Rebel Rock, a subsidiary imprint of Atlantic Records. After landing the record deal, he dropped out of school in ninth grade. In 2007, B.o.B released his first single, ‘Haterz Everywhere,’ which featured Wes Fif and gained the rapper some attention. The following year, he released his second single ‘I’ll Be In The Sky,’ and collaborated with renowned rapper Ludacris in ‘On Top of the World,’ off of T.I. ’s album “Paper Trail.” In 2010, he released his third single, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall.’ In 2012, he released his second studio album, titled “Strange Clouds,” which debuted at number five on Billboard 200. That same year, he released the single ‘Both of Us’ featuring Taylor Swift. Also in that year, B.o.B released a mixtape featuring Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller, among others.

In 2013, B.o.B released his third studio album, titled “Underground Luxury,” which debuted at number 22 on Billboard 200. In 2014, he announced his record label imprint No Genre. In 2015, B.o.B released an experimental project in the form of a mixtape titled “Psycadelik Thoughtz.” He then split up with Atlantic Records, venturing with his own label and a partnership with Empire Distribution. In 2017, he released his fourth studio album, which was titled “Ether” and featured Lil Wayne, Usher, and Ty Dolla Sign, among others. In 2018, he released his sixth studio album, “Naga.” In 2020, he released his seventh studio album, “Somnia.”

Career timeline

The Record Deal is Signed

B.o.B signs with Atlantic Records and subsidiary imprint Rebel Rock.

Releasing Hits and an Album

B.o.B releases hit singles featuring Bruno Mars and Hayley Williams, as well as his debut studio album “B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.”

The Second Album

B.o.B releases “Strange Clouds,” which is his second album.

The Split from Atlantic

B.o.B establishes his record label No Genre, under which he would go on to release his work following his split with Atlantic.

Why We Love B.o.B

  1. B.o.B chased his dream

    He was determined to become a musician, even when it was considered a risky choice. By sticking to what he loved and wanted to do, as well as honing his craft and making important connections, B.o.B made his dream a reality.

  2. He is outspoken

    B.o.B will say what he believes even when it could harm his image. He wasn’t afraid to express his belief in conspiracy theories or accuse his former label of boycotting him before he split from them.

  3. B.o.B cares about important causes

    He has spoken in favor of the rights of African-Americans, and against issues such as police brutality and American exceptionalism. He is also charitable, donating $10,000 to the charity Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless and encouraging other artists to do the same.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. B.o.B is a multi-instrumentalist

    He plays the piano, trumpet, cello, guitar, and French horn.

  2. His name means several things

    While B.o.B has said that his name can have many meanings, his initials mostly stand for Bombs Over Baghdad, after the eponymous Outkast single.

  3. He is an award-winning artist

    Apart from being a multiple-time nominee, B.o.B has won one Soul Train Award and one Teen Choice Award.

  4. He is a conspiracy theorist

    B.o.B believes that the earth is flat and that the moon landing was faked, among other similar theories.

  5. He really likes rock

    B.o.B is a huge rock fan and plans to release an EP in that genre sometime in the future.

B.o.B FAQs

Does B.o.B still make music?

Yes, his most recent release is a compilation album titled “Lost Tapes.”

Who is B.o.B's girlfriend?

B.o.B is currently in a relationship with Tiff Janelle.

What is B.o.B’s highest-selling album?

B.o.B’s highest-selling album is “The Adventures of Bobby Ray,” selling over 2,150,000 copies.

B.o.B’s birthday dates

2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday
2027November 15Monday
2028November 15Wednesday

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