Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland, born on November 24, 1990, is a prominent and widely celebrated actress who rose to fame through her role as Haley Dunphy in “Modern Family,” the A.B.C. sitcom. Her career however began at the early age of four years when she had roles in films, theater, and television. She made her Broadway debut in a production of “Grey Gardens.” Her early on-screen performances included in movies such as “Private Parts” and “Annie,” where she got minor roles, before landing major roles in “Geek Charming,” “Struck by Lightning,” “Scary Movie 5,” as well as “Vampire Academy.” In 2009, she got cast in “Modern Family,” an A.B.C. sitcom as Haley Dunphy, a role she played for the sitcom’s 11 seasons. We are excited to celebrate such an amazing and dedicated entertainer and actor.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Sarah Jane Hyland

Birth date:

November 24, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$14 million

Sarah's Social Media:


Sarah Hyland is a celebrated actress whose career dates back to when she was just a child. She has accomplished so much and still strives for more. She was born on November 24, 1990, in Manhattan, New York. She was born to Edward James Hyland, who works as a teacher as well as a film actor, and her mother, Melissa Canaday, who is a stage acting coach. She has been raised together with her younger brother, Ian Hyland. He is also an actor just like her. She comes from a close-knit family that is entirely involved in performing arts and acting, which is the reason for her interest in acting at a very young age. She was homeschooled by her mother up to the second grade after which she enrolled in her public school. She is also a trained dancer and singer, skills which she learned very early on in life. She got accepted into the Professional Performing Arts School in sixth grade.

Hyland relocated to Los Angeles immediately after school to pursue her acting career and never looked back. She rose to fame through her role as Haley Dunphy in “Modern Family,” the A.B.C. sitcom. Her career however began at an early age of four years when she had roles in films, theater, and television. She made her Broadway debut as Jackie Bouvier in the “Grey Gardens” production. The success of this role paved the way for her roles in film and television. Her big break came in 2009 when she got cast in “Modern Family” as Haley Dunphy, a role she played for the sitcom’s 11 seasons.

During the same year, Hyland reprised her role in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” on an episode titled, “Hothouse.” She went on to co-star with Matt Prokop, who she was dating then, in “Geek Charming,” a Disney Channel original movie. She followed that with a leading role in “Struck by Lightning,” a coming-of-age drama. In 2012, she voice acted in “Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja,” a role that went on till 2015. She also worked on “Lego D.C. Comics Super Heroes: Justice League — Gotham City Breakout,” “Robot Chicken D.C. Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise.” She provided the voice of Tiifu in the “The Lion Guard” series of films. She has made appearances in a couple of television series as well, including “Repeat After Me,” “Shadow Hunters,” and “Veronica Mars.”

Career timeline

Her Film Debut

Sarah Hyland stars in “Private Parts,” as Howard Stern’s on-screen daughter.

She Features in an A.B.C. Film

She plays the role of Molly in “The Wonderful World of Disney: Annie.”

She Features in a Soap Opera

She gets a recurring role in an American soap opera known as, “One Life to Live,” where she goes on to appear in seven episodes of the season.

She is Cast in “Modern Family”

Hyland gets cast in the A.B.C. sitcom, “Modern Family,” in the lead role of Haley Dunphy.

She Voice Acts in “The Lion Guard”

She lends her voice in “The Lion Guard," a spin-off sequel to “The Lion King," the epic musical movie.

Why We Love Sarah Hyland

  1. She gives back

    Sarah Hyland got involved with the Lopez Foundation which deals with kids suffering from kidney diseases. It caters to the medical needs of the kids financially, physically, as well as mentally. This is because she also suffered from health issues regarding her kidneys and understands how difficult it can be for children.

  2. She is pro-mental wellness

    Due to her past experiences with mental health issues, Hyland is loud about ensuring one’s mental wellness. She admitted to contemplating suicide because of her health struggles. She is nonetheless trying to lead a healthier mentality toward life.

  3. She is laid back

    If there was one thing she thought would change about her life is fame. She doesn’t enjoy being famous and prefers to be laid back. She expresses that although her career continually puts her in the limelight and her romantic relationship is romanticized by her fans, she does not enjoy the fame and is focused on leaving a positive impact.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She underwent a kidney transplant

    Sarah Hyland went through a kidney transplant surgery after being diagnosed with kidney dysplasia.

  2. Her brother offered her his kidney

    Her brother, Ian Hyland, offered her his kidney after her body rejected her first transplanted kidney.

  3. She is a Nintendo fan

    In a Nintendo 3DS advert campaign, she admitted to being a Nintendo fan and to playing “Mario Kart” as a kid.

  4. She met her fiance online

    Both Wells Adams and Hyland first met on social media by sending each other flirty tweets.

  5. She enjoys “The Office”

    She has admitted to being an avid fan of the popular television sitcom known as “The Office.”

Sarah Hyland FAQs

Did Sarah Hyland have twins?

Hyland’s character has twins in “Modern Family,” but in real life, she does not yet have children.

Is Sarah Hyland still acting?

Yes, she is still acting.

Why is Haley Dunphy’s face swollen on “Modern Family?”

The “Modern Family” actress revealed that she was hospitalized. While it’s unknown what specifically she was treated for, Hyland battles kidney dysplasia and has been open about struggling with chronic pain and illness all her life.

Sarah Hyland’s birthday dates

2024November 24Sunday
2025November 24Monday
2026November 24Tuesday
2027November 24Wednesday
2028November 24Friday

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