Millie Davis

Millie Davis was born on December 6, 2006. This Canadian child actress is well known for her roles as Riley in the television show “Dino Dana,” M.s. O / Big O in the T.V.OKids/P.B.S. Kids series “Odd Squad,” Summer in “Wonder,” and Gemma Hendrix in “Orphan Black.” Davis has also done voice acting for several T.V. series, such as “Super Why!,” “The Magic Hockey Skates,” “Playdate,” “Wishenpoof!,” “The Parker Andersons,” and “Amelia Parker.” Starting in the industry when she was less than a year old, Davis has had a notably successful career so far. She has received several nominations for different awards.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Millie Davis


Millie Maloo, Mill

Birth date:

December 6, 2006



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Net Worth:

$2 million

Millie's Social Media:


Davis began her acting career by appearing in a commercial “Run For The Cure” with her father when she was only six months old. She made her proper T.V. acting debut in late 2010 shortly before she turned four. Davis was seven years old when she joined the cast of “Odd Squad” in the first season and 13 years old at the start of the third season. At this time, she was the only original cast member still on the show. In the season three episode “Odd Off The Press,” her character, Big O, was given a new assignment and appears to have exited the show. This is partly because Davis went on to star in “The Parker Andersons” and “Amelia Parker.”

In 2011, Davis played Caitlyn McQuarrie in the T.V. movie “Befriend and Betray.” She later had the main voice role portraying Chloe in the animated T.V. movie “The Magic Hockey Skates” in 2012. In the same year, she also featured as Saber Francis in the action thriller film “A Dark Truth,” directed and written by Damian Lee. Davis appeared in the film alongside other big stars such as Forest Whitaker, Andy García, Eva Longoria, Deborah Kara Unger, and Kim Coates.

Then came Malcolm D. Lee’s 2013 big hit American comedy-drama film “The Best Man Holiday,” in which Davis played Hope. She has gone on to receive awards for her work, including the Joey Award for Best Young Ensemble in a T.V. Series (2015) — shared with the “Odd Squad” — cast, and the Horrorfest Award for Best Ensemble Cast (2016).

Career timeline

June 2007
She Gets An Early Start

Davis begins her career in acting by appearing in a commercial with her father when she is just six months old!

She Debuts on T.V.

Davis kicks off her proper T.V. acting career when she is four years old.

She Makes a Foray Into Film

Davis appears in her first film, “A Dark Truth.”

She Becomes a Sitcom Star

Davis joins the cast of the sitcoms “The Parker Andersons” and “Amelia Parker.”

Why We Love Millie Davis

  1. She’s an inspiration to many

    Davis is a great example for children everywhere. They draw inspiration from her to use their talents and follow their dreams.

  2. She’s a beacon of positivity

    Davis hasn’t been involved in any scandals. This is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world that often gets murky.

  3. She stays active on social

    Davis frequently updates her Instagram. She keeps the vibe positive with posts about her life and friends.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her family is in the theater

    Her parents run the Charactors Theatre Troupe in Thornhill, Ontario.

  2. Her siblings are on T.V. too

    Davis and her brother, Drew, have featured as onscreen siblings in “A Dark Truth,” “Orphan Black” and “Befriend and Betray.”

  3. Her accounts are under parental control

    Davis’ Instagram account @thatmilliedavis is monitored by her parents.

  4. She starred opposite Julia Roberts

    Davis played the character Summer in the American comedy-drama film “Wonder” alongside Julia Roberts.

  5. She gets paid well

    Davis earns around US$ 13,000 to 16,000 per episode of a T.V. show.

Millie Davis FAQs

Does Millie Davis have any siblings?

Davis has one older brother named Drew.

How many films has Millie Davis featured in?

She has appeared in six films.

What are Millie Davis’ nicknames?

Davis goes by the nicknames Millie Maloo and Mill.

Millie Davis’s birthday dates

2024December 6Friday
2025December 6Saturday
2026December 6Sunday
2027December 6Monday
2028December 6Wednesday

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