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Stella Chu, born on December 6, 1988, is a former graphic designer and professional cosplayer who enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with the community. Mixing striptease and pop culture, she is known for her unique burlesque performances that are sure to make your jaw drop. Her inventiveness and eccentric nature have earned her features in “Cosplay Culture Magazine,” “C.N.B.C.,” “Kotaku,” and other publications. She is the host of Stella Transforms, a live show in which she transforms well-known streamers and YouTubers into jaw-dropping cosplays.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Stella Chuu

Birth date:

December 6, 1988



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5' 5"

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Stella Chuu, born on December 6, 1988, is a former graphic designer and professional cosplayer who is known for streaming her transformations. She started cosplaying while still in high school and got serious in 2011, after graduating from college at SUNY Purchase. A lifetime part of the geek community, Chuu grew up fascinated by “Shadow Skill” and “Dragon Ball Z” before becoming president of the anime club in college.

After doing cosplay as a hobby for years, she decided to make the move of quitting her full-time position as a graphic designer to become one of the first professional cosplayers in the world. A year later, Chuu moved to Los Angeles. Inspired by artists who made YouTube their own careers, she took the chance and began sharing her passion with hundreds of thousands of people.

Chuu’s passion for building communities is easily noticed when you see how far she has come. Her way to promote the geek and cosplay culture made it possible for her to fly all over the world and be featured in some of the most influential magazines in the industry such as “C.N.B.C.,” “Kotaku,” and “Mashable.” We cannot wait to see what she will do next.

Career timeline

The Beginning of Cosplaying

Chuu gets into cosplaying at her anime club in high school.

The Hobby Gets More Serious

After finishing college, Chuu decides to turn her hobby into a career.

The First Appearance at an Anime Convention

Chuu attends Anime Matsuri in Houston as a guest.

The YouTube Career

Chuu posts the first video on her channel, which gains more than 23,000 views.

The Gear Shift

Although she still makes cosplayer transformations on her YouTube channel, Chuu streams shifted gears into baking.

Why We Love Stella Chuu

  1. She is a risk-taker

    We bet it wasn't easy to turn a hobby into a career. Fortunately, Chuu is one of the few cosplayers who can actually make up to six figures every year.

  2. She is a self-taught artist

    Chuu never had formal education to start cosplaying. She is entirely self-taught and relies on her natural talent.

  3. She is promoting the geek culture

    Chuu has become a pioneer in her own right. It is because of professionals like her that people feel welcomed to be part of a whole community dedicated to keeping the geek culture alive.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her costumes’ materials cost $1,000

    And that doesn't even include the time she spends designing, sewing, and assembling everything.

  2. She started anime in high school

    Chuu was part of her high school’s Anime Club; she cannot even remember a time when cosplay wasn't a part of her life.

  3. She is inspired by Yaya Han

    She has always looked up to her fellow cosplayer Han and is happy to now call her a friend.

  4. Her favorite character is Rei Ayanami

    She is drawn to characters who are somewhere between a kawaii girl and a badass woman — just like Ayanami from Evangelion.

  5. Her ideal travel destination is Taiwan

    Her family is from Taiwan, one of her favorite places in the world.

Stella Chuu FAQs

Does Stella Chuu have a baby?

No, she has no children.

What is Stella Chuu doing now?

She is now doing a transforming show on YouTube.

Does Stella Chu have an Etsy account?

Yes. Her shop sells patterns for cosplay and you can easily find them by typing her name there.

Stella Chuu’s birthday dates

2024December 6Friday
2025December 6Saturday
2026December 6Sunday
2027December 6Monday
2028December 6Wednesday

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