National Chicken Lady Day – November 4, 2019

Mon Nov 4

At first glance, National Chicken Lady Day sounds like something food-related — or perhaps a witty homage to the character played by Mark McKinney on “The Kids in the Hall.” But it’s not really related to those things. (OK, it’s sorta related to chicken.) National Chicken Lady Day is named in honor of Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, a businesswoman and motivational speaker. Dupree’s inspiring story and successful business acumen led to a meeting with President George W. Bush. National Chicken Lady Day on November 4 is meant to honor Dupree’s efforts to raise educational standards in her community.

National Chicken Lady Day - History


​Mr. President, meet The Chicken Lady

​In recognition of her inspiring career, The Chicken Lady was invited to the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush to discuss education reform.


​Chicken Lady found her calling

Dupree worked for 12 years as a corporate trainer and community spokesperson for what she calls "a major chicken restaurant chain." She became so well-known that people begin to refer to her as The Chicken Lady.


Dupree went to college

Already in her 30s, Dupree went to college for the first time and took her first public speaking class. Her professors told her that she was a natural.


We all start somewhere

​Dupree worked as a maid, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. "It was not my choice," Dupree said. "But as it turned out, for me, it was the path that led to who I am today."

National Chicken Lady Day Activities

  1. Remember to live your dreams

    The best way to celebrate National Chicken Lady Day is to continue to chase your own dreams and work to make them a reality. Whether it's writing a screenplay, starting your own business, or learning to play the violin — Chicken Lady says to go for it!

  2. Share the Chicken Lady's wisdom

    Chicken Lady says it's time to invest energy into yourself. (She's even written a book on this topic.) That's a valuable lesson that we should pass on to others.

  3. Continue learning, and try to inspire others

    Never stop learning and encouraging others to do the same. Look to Chicken Lady for inspiration: She has a bachelor's degree in science, as well as a master's and a doctorate.

​3 Reasons We Love The Chicken Lady

  1. ​She knows how to draw a crowd

    Dupree has been a featured speaker on Trinity Broadcasting Network and attracted an audience of 10 million viewers.

  2. ​She is multitalented

    ​In addition to her career as a corporate trainer, Dupree has published several book, hosted radio and television programs, and organized workshops and seminars. She's also a college professor and has designed successful programs for businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and church groups.

  3. ​Her granddaughter is really fast

    Dupree's granddaughter is track and field superstar Tiffany Ross-Williams.

Why We Love National Chicken Lady Day

  1. The Chicken Lady is inspiring

    Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree, aka The Chicken Lady due to her long career in the fast food chicken industry, has encouraged thousands of people to improve their lives by investing in themselves and their dreams.

  2. The Chicken Lady is super active

    Among other activities, The Chicken Lady has trained hundreds of professional speakers, including many who have gone on to write their own books.

  3. The Chicken Lady has always been on the cutting edge

    Some sources report that Dupree was one of the first Americans to have an email address — way back in 1984! (FYI: It was

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