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MonNov 4

National Chicken Lady Day – November 4, 2024

At first glance, National Chicken Lady Day on November 4 sounds like a food-related holiday— or perhaps a witty homage to the character played by Mark McKinney on “The Kids in the Hall.” But it’s not really related to either of those things. (OK, it’s sorta related to chicken.) National Chicken Lady Day is named in honor of Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, a businesswoman and motivational speaker. Dupree’s inspiring story and successful business acumen led to a meeting with President George W. Bush. National Chicken Lady Day is meant to honor Dupree’s efforts to raise educational standards in her community.

History of National Chicken Lady Day

Dupree worked at the second largest chicken restaurant chain in the world for 12 years as its Director of Community Relations and Training. Because of her community involvement, she has lovingly taken on the name “The Chicken Lady.”

President George W. Bush hosted Dupree at the White House shortly after his 2001 inauguration. Bush praised her efforts to raise educational standards. Bush then proclaimed November 4 as “National Chicken Lady Day!”

When Dupree resigned her position with the corporation to start her own business, the fast food restaurant chain hired her and retained Tina as its spokesperson and community rep. She has presented programs for numerous corporations, organizations, high schools, universities and religious institutions. Her 15 years of corporate and speaking experience has given Dupree vast knowledge and expertise on the topic of motivation. 

Dupree now offers workshops, seminars, and keynotes. Her programs are especially designed for small and large businesses, organizations, educational institutions and church groups.  Her techniques challenge audiences to immediately take ownership and transfer these ideas to their workplace or personal lives.

Her monthly radio show features issues and concerns of the black community.  Special guests include prominent business owners, authors, speakers, consultants, corporate representatives and religious leaders.

National Chicken Lady Day timeline

We all start somewhere

Like her mother and grandmother, ​Dupree worked as a maid, paving her destiny.

Dupree went to college

Dupree went to college in her 30s and took her first public speaking class.

​Chicken Lady finds her calling

Dupree worked for 12 years for "a major chicken restaurant chain" and became popular as 'The Chicken Lady.'

The Chicken Lady goes to Washington

The Chicken Lady was invited to the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush.

National Chicken Lady Day FAQs

What’s National Chicken Lady Day?

National Chicken Lady Day honors Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, a former chicken restaurant exec turned motivational speaker.

Who’s the Chicken Lady?

Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, a one-time chicken restaurant exec, has 15 years of corporate and speaking experience. She has vast knowledge and expertise on the topic of motivation. 

Did the Chicken Lady really meet the president?

Yes, she sure did! President George W. Bush invited her to the Oval Office in 2001. 

National Chicken Lady Day Activities

  1. Remember to live your dreams

    The best way to celebrate National Chicken Lady Day is to continue to chase your own dreams and work to make them a reality. Whether it's writing a screenplay, starting your own business, or learning to play the violin — Chicken Lady says to go for it!

  2. Share the Chicken Lady's wisdom

    Chicken Lady says it's time to invest energy into yourself. (She's even written a book on this topic.) That's a valuable lesson that we should pass on to others.

  3. Continue learning, and try to inspire others

    Never stop learning and encouraging others to do the same. Look to Chicken Lady for inspiration. She has a bachelor's degree in science, as well as a master's and a doctorate.

​3 Reasons We Love The Chicken Lady

  1. ​She knows how to draw a crowd

    Dupree has been a featured speaker on Trinity Broadcasting Network and attracted an audience of 10 million viewers.

  2. ​She is multitalented

    ​In addition to her career as a corporate trainer, Dupree has published several book, hosted radio and television programs, and organized workshops and seminars. She's also a college professor and has designed successful programs for businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and church groups.

  3. ​Her granddaughter is really fast

    Dupree's granddaughter is track and field superstar Tiffany Ross-Williams.

Why We Love National Chicken Lady Day

  1. She’s inspiring

    Dupree’s story has encouraged thousands of people to improve their lives by investing in themselves and their dreams.

  2. The Chicken Lady is super active

    Among other activities, The Chicken Lady has trained hundreds of professional speakers, including many who have gone on to write their own books.

  3. The Chicken Lady has always been on the cutting edge

    Some sources report that Dupree was one of the first Americans to have an email address.

National Chicken Lady Day dates

2024November 4Monday
2025November 4Tuesday
2026November 4Wednesday
2027November 4Thursday
2028November 4Saturday

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