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David Muir, born on November 8, 1973, is a world-renowned journalist and television anchor who works with A.B.C. News and has also won many awards for his spectacular outlook on journalism. He also works as a co-anchor for a show called “20/20.” Before becoming the main anchor of “World News Tonight,” he was the substitute anchor for the show. Muir was born in Syracuse, New York, and grew up with his sister in Onondaga Hill. Keep on reading to get to know Muir now!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

David Jason Muir


Anchor Monster

Birth date:

November 8, 1973



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5' 11"

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Net Worth:

$20 million

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David Muir was born in Syracuse, New York. He is known as an American journalist and A.B.C. News’ Emmy Award-winning journalist. He is the presenter and editor of “A.B.C. World News Tonight with David Muir” and co-presenter of “20/20,” which is also aired on A.B.C. Often described as one of the most prolific American journalists, Muir spent his childhood in Onondaga Hills, being raised by his mother, Pat Mills, and father, Ronald Muir, in a Catholic family. He has a younger sister, Rebecca Muir, and two younger step-siblings. Muir graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in journalism in 1995.

He began his professional broadcasting career immediately after graduating from college. He joined the staff of W.T.V.H-T.V. in Syracuse and went on to earn numerous awards as a journalist over the next five years. In 2000, he moved to Boston to work for W.C.V.B.-T.V. as an anchor and reporter. He subsequently won the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting, among other honors. In 2003, he became the overnight anchor for “World News Now” on A.B.C. He also became the anchor of the morning newscast, “World News This Morning.” It was in June 2007 when Muir started to be the anchor of “World News Saturday.” In 2012, he became the weekend news anchor, and this change saw the broadcast rename the show “World News with David Muir.” He received credit for the rise in the weekend night broadcast ratings, and he was promoted to co-anchor A.B.C’s “20/20” alongside Elizabeth Vargas. In 2014, A.B.C. News announced that Muir would succeed Diane Sawyer as the anchor and managing director of “A.B.C. World News,” where he began his debut broadcast that year. “World News Tonight with David Muir” became the most-watched evening newscast in the country the following year. Muir took over as A.B.C. News’ lead anchor for breaking news and special event coverage in 2021, a role long owned by G.M.A. anchor George Stephanopoulos from 2014 to 2020.

From 2011 to 2022, Muir received several accolades from prestigious universities. He gave commencement addresses at Ithaca College, Northeastern University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Syracuse University. Muir is currently known to be single and not married. He is a dog lover and seems to be quite close to his dog.

Career timeline

His First Career

Muir works as an anchor and a reporter at W.T.V.H-T.V. in Syracuse, New York.

Electronic Journalism Award

He wins the regional Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting and the National Headliner Award.

He is Part of A.B.C. News

Muir becomes the anchor of “World News Saturday.”

Getting a Promotion

Muir gets promoted to co-anchor A.B.C’s “20/20” with Elizabeth Vargas.

His Success With A.B.C. News

A.B.C. News announces that Muir will succeed Diane Sawyer as the anchor and managing editor of “A.B.C. World News.”

Muir the Lead Anchor

He becomes A.B.C. News’ lead anchor of breaking news and special event coverage, replacing George Stephanopoulos.

Why We Love David Muir

  1. He is generous

    Since 2008, he has sponsored a scholarship for the study abroad program at Ithaca College. He is very supportive of education and people who are pursuing scholarships for their dreams.

  2. He followed his dream

    Muir knew he wanted to be a journalist by the time he hit double digits. Around fifth grade, he began broadcasting from inside a cardboard box in his family’s living room. Soon, he used his allowance to buy a cassette recorder at RadioShack and began to interview his sister’s teenage friends.

  3. He has extensive knowledge

    Muir is an intelligent individual. His profession as a journalist with various experiences, in addition to receiving a Ph.D. from his alma mater, Ithaca College, has molded him into an intellectual person.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is living his dream

    He has always considered journalism as a career since he was a child.

  2. His favorite series

    He binges on “House of Cards” and is obsessed with “Mad Men,” which reminds him of his childhood in Syracuse.

  3. He is fluent in Spanish

    While in college, Muir spent a semester abroad at the College of Salamanca in Spain, where he lived with a family and attended school in Spanish.

  4. Interviewing Donald Trump

    He was the first journalist to interview Trump after his inauguration on January 25, 2017.

  5. Exclusive access to Obama

    Muir was the only journalist to interview President Obama during his March 2016 visit to Cuba.

David Muir FAQs

What breed of dog does David Muir have?

He has a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Who is David Muir dating?

Muir is not very open about his personal life.

What nationality is David Muir?

He is American.

David Muir’s birthday dates

2023November 8Wednesday
2024November 8Friday
2025November 8Saturday
2026November 8Sunday
2027November 8Monday

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