Paulie Calafiore

Paulie Calafiore was born on November 13, 1988, in Howell, New Jersey. He is a popular D.J. and former reality T.V. star who participated in the 18th season of “Big Brother” on the C.B.S. network. He also participated in the reality shows “Ex on the Beach,” “War of the Worlds,” and was a finalist for the reality shows “Final Reckoning” and “War of the Worlds 2.” Today is his birthday, and we will help you celebrate him with valuable insights into his life right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Paulie Calafiore

Birth date:

November 13, 1988



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$600 thousand

Paulie's Social Media:


Paulie Calafiore was born on November 13, 1988, in Howell, New Jersey. Son of Paul Jr. Calafiore and Linda Calafiore. His brother Cody Calafiore was also a guest on “Big Brother,” season 16. Calafiore graduated from a school in New Jersey and later attended Rutgers University, where he graduated. In college, Calafiore was a star of the Scarlet Knights football team. Calafiore has a loyal fan base on social media, particularly Twitter.

Calafiore entered “Big Brother 18” as the brother of a former entrant, so he quickly lined up in the game. At first, he controlled the house, manipulated situations, and eliminated other participants who threatened his game. However, he and his allies (Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah) became targets of a new alliance after a fight with some women in the house. When the house eliminated Calafiore’s show partner Zakiyah during the first half of the “Double Dump,” Calafiore was left extremely sad. But he felt safe when his other ally Corey beat HoH and PoV in the second half. However, Calafiore was nominated the following week against Corey. When Calafiore and Corey did not gain veto power, they remained on the block together. Calafiore was later eliminated from the game by a 5-0 vote.

Calafiore became famous after participating in the 18th season of the reality show “Big Brother” on the C.B.S. network. The reality T.V. heartthrob has also appeared on M.T.V’s “Ex on the Beach” and “The Challenge: Final Reckoning.” Calafiore is well known for having affairs with many girls, and his former relationship with Danielle Maltby created quite a buzz after his ex-girlfriend shared a post on her Instagram about her current mindset.

Career timeline

He Makes His First Reality Show Appearance

Calafiore participates in the reality show "Ex On The Beach."

He Joins Big Brother Following His Brother

Calafiore participates in “Big Brother” season 18.

He Becomes a Reality Show Veteran

Calafiore participates in season 33 of the reality show "The Challenge: War of the Worlds."

He Finally Becomes a Finalist

Calafiore reaches the final of the reality show "The Challenge: Final Reckoning."

Why We Love Paulie Calafiore

  1. He's willing to do everything

    You can see on his social media that he is a guy up for anything! From playing volleyball on the beach to practicing martial arts, he is down for any challenge.

  2. He is a go-getter

    After having participated in some reality shows, some agencies sought him out. His exposure has been furthering his online career through endorsements and more.

  3. He doesn’t do drugs

    He often talks about the dangers of using drugs. His ex-fiancée passed away from an overdose and he has been trying to warn people about it ever since.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His family

    In addition to his brother Cody, he has a younger sister.

  2. His favorite hobby

    He likes to play the guitar.

  3. He is sporty

    In addition to playing football at the University, he practices Krav Maga as well.

  4. His reality show career

    He participated in five reality shows.

  5. His love life

    His ex-girlfriend was also a participant in a reality show, "The Bachelor."

Paulie Calafiore FAQs

Is Paulie Calafiore in the Olympics?

He participated in the selections but ended up testing positive for COVID and didn’t go.

Does Paulie Calafiore still date Cara?

They broke up once, but now they’re together.

Who is older Cody, or Paulie?

Paulie is older.

Paulie Calafiore’s birthday dates

2024November 13Wednesday
2025November 13Thursday
2026November 13Friday
2027November 13Saturday
2028November 13Monday

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