Bershan Shaw

Bershan Shaw was born on December 22, 1973. Business coach, life guru, professional feminist, and real estate developer, are just some of the hats our birthday girl wears. Shaw has shared the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and many other industry experts. With her speeches and personal coaching, she has helped thousands of people realize their true worth. As she turns a year older, her impact on the world continues to expand.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Bershan Shaw


The Warrior Coach

Birth date:

December 22, 1973



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Bershan's Social Media:


Bershan Shaw was born on December 22, 1973, in Washington, Maryland. An accomplished public speaker, motivational guru, and America’s leading spiritual person. Shaw was born to a prolific Black household based in the Washington suburbs. Soon after completing high school, she moved out to New York City and enrolled at Syracuse University for a Bachelor’s in Science. After getting her master’s from New York University, Shaw pursued a year-long leadership development program at Harvard University.

Shaw started her career as an executive in her father’s construction firm in 1995. After a couple of years in the infrastructure industry, Shaw picked up a job as a writer for N.B.C.’s “Today Show.” In 2000, she became a full-time public relations executive and worked with leading figures in the industry while expanding her real estate portfolio in New York City. Shaw’s first stint at activism came in 2009 when she founded the media consultancy firm Warrior Training International. After a decade in the P.R. industry, Shaw became a T.V. personality on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Much of Shaw’s motivational career is rooted in cancer and its implications on people affected by the disease. After losing her mother to cancer at a young age and getting the same diagnosis for her father twice, Shaw now runs a support network for people who are deeply affected by the tragedy of this vicious disease. Shaw stepped into the role after being offered an afternoon on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She drew from her personal challenges and struggle with cancer to motivate people to live their best lives.

Career timeline

She Starts Her Career

Bershan Shaw graduates from college and joins her father’s construction business as Vice President.

The Career Switch

Shaw moves to New York and joins the Dan Klores Public Relations firm as an account executive.

The Era of Empowerment

Shaw founds the media consulting firm Warrior Training International (W.T.I.).

The Activism Continues

Shaw launches to connect and help people dealing with massive life changes.

Her Debut Book

Shaw releases her bestselling anthology “Unstoppable Warrior,” featuring stories of courage from 40 distinct women.

Why We Love Bershan Shaw

  1. She is a survivor

    Shaw was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. It is the same vicious disease that cost her her mother. Instead of wallowing at her genetics or giving in to the ordeal of cancer, she fought her way to complete remission. Her story is an inspiration to millions of cancer patients all around the world.

  2. She leads millions with grace

    Shaw channels the human spirit and champions our strive for survival above all. With her keynote speeches, podcast, and public presence, she teaches men and women of all ages to stand up for themselves and live out their truth.

  3. She champions women

    Shaw is uniquely focused on her role as an uplifter of women everywhere. Her website features a wide array of tools that support women and aid them in reaching their goals. Along with this, she also takes clients and gives personal coaching to individuals who are struggling with their careers. This and so much more make her birthday a cause for celebration for people everywhere.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is an award-winning speaker

    Shaw received the B.E.T. Honors Trailblazer & Unstoppable Survivor Award for her motivational speaking.

  2. A woman with many talents

    Shaw is a prolific public speaker, copywriter, editor, and podcaster.

  3. A double cancer survivor

    Shaw has survived breast cancer twice and is in remission.

  4. An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker

    Shaw has worked with global companies like Facebook, L’Oreal, Merrill Lynch, and many more.

  5. Her “Forbes” role

    Shaw became an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council in 2019.

Bershan Shaw FAQs

Is Bershan Shaw on T.V.?

Shaw has made an appearance on many legacy networks such as C.N.N. and N.B.C. She also starred briefly in the “Real Housewives of New York” in 2018.

Is Bershan Shaw married?

No, Shaw announced separation from her husband in 2017.

Does Bershan Shaw have a podcast?

Shaw has a weekly podcast called “Buckle Up with Bershan.”

Bershan Shaw’s birthday dates

2024December 22Sunday
2025December 22Monday
2026December 22Tuesday
2027December 22Wednesday
2028December 22Friday

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