Nate Garner

Nate Garner was born on December 22, 1996. We’ve known and loved our birthday boy since the days of his oddly hilarious and relatable Vine videos. Garner’s current ventures include a thriving modeling career, a successful YouTube channel, and a budding Instagram page. While we relive the old days of harmless humor through his YouTube Vine compilation, we hope Nate has the best birthday ever.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nathaniel Kirk Garner



Birth date:

December 22, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Nathaniel's Social Media:


Nathaniel, Nate, Garner was born on December 22, 1996, in Brea, California. Standing tall at 73 inches, he is an established model and Instagram sensation with nearly two million followers. Garner, alongside his two siblings, was brought up in the Christian faith by their single mother, Laura Garner. After finishing his studies at Pulaski Robinson High School, he moved to Los Angeles and signed up with Wilhelmina Models L.A. Garner rose to fame through his viral Vine loops. He started sharing daily Vines under the hashtag #natefromhiscar in 2014. After a couple of viral videos, he roped in his younger brother Benji.

Garner’s viral videos quickly become the voice of a generation, garnering millions of loops within weeks of release. The only thing trumping his relatable humor is his stellar build and impressionable physique, which has made him the face of hundreds of modeling campaigns. Although the era of Vine died a slow death in 2018, Garner has continued to maintain his fanbase across platforms.

On his Instagram, Garner shares the ins and outs of the modeling industry, his life in L.A., and his brand deals. Garner’s love for modeling stems from his outward public sense and camera-confident personality. We can now see the young star getting serious about modeling and his acting projects. Traveling to tropical islands is what keeps the young star equipped. Since 2016, Garner has pursued many brand deals and exciting sponsorships which cater to his personal taste and fanbase. Garner came of age during the rise of social media platforms. Much of his learning happened in public, which also informs his beliefs about the world.

Career timeline

The Vine Launch

Garner opens a Vine account and starts sharing hilarious videos about his life.

National Fame

Several of Garner's videos go viral over the course of six months, making him one of the most looped Vine creators for a while.

He Moves to L.A.

Garner moves to L.A. and signs with a modeling agency.

Traveling in Session

Garner takes a break from full-time modeling and travels across South America.

Why We Love Nate Garner

  1. He’s a father figure to his siblings

    Garner was raised by a single mother. Ever since he was a little kid, he’s looked out for his siblings, particularly his younger brother Benji. He also put his brother through college with his own money. It’s a lot to ask from a young guy of his age, but Garner has fulfilled his responsibilities with grace.

  2. He built his fan base across platforms

    Not every Vine star could materialize their fame in the real world. Nate Garner is one of the few young talents who utilized their fanfare and built a real career for themselves.

  3. He sets his eyes on the prize

    Friends and family describe him as a go-getter with an infectious zeal toward life. He is ambitious and he works hard for the things he wants in life. His fans and followers can attest to that as well.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is a typical model

    Garner’s blue eyes, brunette hair, and lean build make him the typical Hollywood model.

  2. He loves traveling

    Garner loves traveling across countries and spends a considerable amount pursuing this passion.

  3. He is a proud capricorn

    Garner takes pride in being a disciplined, realistic, and ambitious person, just like any typical Capricorn.

  4. He is close with his brother

    Garner shares a warm relationship with his brother Benji Garner.

  5. He had his share of adventures

    Garner isn’t shy of baring it all out — he once ran through N.Y.C. Times Square in his underpants in 2018.

Nate Garner FAQs

Is Nate Garner an actor?

Garner is a YouTuber, former Vine creator, and model based in L.A., California.

Is Nate Garner married?

Garner and Karissa Duncan broke off their engagement and announced their separation in 2021.

What is Nate Garner’s job?

Garner is a YouTuber and model based in L.A., California. His primary source of income is brand deals and product endorsements.

Nate Garner’s birthday dates

2024December 22Sunday
2025December 22Monday
2026December 22Tuesday
2027December 22Wednesday
2028December 22Friday

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