Activity Holidays

Discover fun and interesting holidays that are related to your favorite activities, hobbies, and personal skills!

New Year’s Day – January 1

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Happy New Year! For many of us waking up on Jan. 1, New Year's Day, it's a time of optimism and planning—and resoluteness. There's a feeling that maybe this year we'll make the changes we've been meaning to: more rest, better eating habits, more exercise, or a new job. New Year's Day is about taking a moment — perhaps with family or a football game on the screen — to get ready for everything that is about to unfold.

National Trivia Day – January 4

Here's a little-known fact: Jan. 4 is National Trivia Day! The trivia craze has been a part of popular culture for many decades. One of the first established systems for trivia debuted on the 1940s radio program “Take It Or Leave It” and not too long after Jeopardy!, arguably America’s most iconic televised quiz show, appeared in 1964.

National Hugging Day – January 21

Open up your heart … and your arms, this January 21. It’s National Hugging Day! As you might guess, this day is an annual event dedicated to the underrated art form of the hug. We love all types of hugs, from “butt-out” hugs to bear hugs. And so does Kevin Zaborney—he created the holiday in 1986. And hugging is contagious; the holiday has spread from Clio, Michigan to several other countries. This National Hugging Day, give out hugs freely and often. Family, friends, and strangers all deserve a warm hug!

Celebration of Life Day – January 22

Celebration of Life Day is January 22! Although you should be appreciating your children and grandchildren every day, this holiday is a day to recognize and celebrate them. You’re supposed to step back and think about what makes your children and grandchildren so special. To truly celebrate, you should try to view the world through the lens of a child. And, if you want, you can shower the young ones of the world with presents and candy. We’re sure they wouldn’t mind.

National Opposite Day – January 25

Is it National Opposite Day? Is it not Opposite Day? Or is it not not Opposite Day? Now even I am confused. Either way children across the country rejoice in this day as they declare they mean the opposite of whatever they say. I would love to do the dishes! Broccoli is my favorite food! I didn't push my brother in the mud! Here is a serious question... What is the opposite of Opposite Day?

National Puzzle Day – January 29

Jan. 29 is National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to do a little brain exercise. Whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, or Sudoku, puzzles engage our brain in more ways than one. Scientists have discovered that when we work on a jigsaw puzzle, we utilize both sides of the brain, improving memory, cognitive function and problem solving skills in the process. By utilizing puzzles, people can stimulate the brain improve a number of skills.
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