National Napping Day – March 9, 2020

Mon Mar 9

We’re yawning as we write this. That’s not a joke; we’re tired. We think a nap would probably help us — and lucky for us, it’s March 9, National Napping Day! National Napping Day might not be an “official” holiday. However, it’s the brainchild of the most credible of sources — Dr. William Anthony, a former Boston University researcher. National Napping Day always falls one day after Daylight Saving time, because according to Dr. Anthony, that’s the day in the year where people are most sleep-deprived. The doctor is in, and his medication is naps all around! Now go tell your boss you have to be excused (ex-snoozed? We had to). You have some serious napping to do.

National Napping Day Activities

  1. Take a nap (duh)

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you to celebrate in the best way we know how. Nap it up, girls and boys! Grab your comfiest blanket and catch some Z’s like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. Revamp your sleeping supplies

    Take a good hard look at your bed. Are you getting the optimal sleep? Now’s an excellent time to replace that lumpy pillow you’ve been talking about throwing out for the past five years. Everyone deserves to sleep well at night, so treat yourself and make your bed the comfy haven of your dreams.

  3. Start a new nap routine

    An occasional nap can be great. However, isn’t it the perfect time to start instituting a nap routine in your life? If you know you feel better after one nap, it might be time to add them to your regular schedule. It’s easy to say you’re too busy, but there’s always time for even a quick 15 minute snooze!

Why We Love National Napping Day

  1. They’re rejuvenating

    Companies like Google and Uber have started installing nap pods into their office — and encouraging their employees to use them. Why? If you’re sleep deprived, midday napping increases motor performance and creativity (in layman’s terms, your brain works better when it’s not exhausted). But even for adults who have gotten an appropriate amount of sleep, midday naps have been shown to be effective. Hop in your nap pod stat!

  2. They make you smarter

    You know the old wives’ tale about putting books under your pillow while you sleep to absorb their knowledge? Well, they’re not exactly wrong. A nap can improve your memory! If you study and go take a nap, your knowledge of the material will be boosted. Naps also improve reaction time and logical reasoning. So next time you’re faced with a multiple choice test, you might want to snooze before you lose!

  3. They make you happier

    Studies show that, after taking a midday 60 minute nap, people could handle more frustration and were less impulsive. That’s compared to people who watched a 60 minute nature documentary — another pretty relaxing activity! Scientists are just starting to understand the links between emotional regulation and napping, but it sounds pretty great so far.