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TueDec 24

Last-Minute Shopper's Day – December 24, 2024

Last-Minute Shopper’s Day is celebrated on December 24 each year. It marks the last day last-minute shoppers have to get their holiday shopping done for the season. Although most shoppers have time to get their shopping done before the holidays, sometimes life happens and your shopping sprees may need to be extended much later than you’d like. If you have your entire shopping list left to tackle or you’re looking to strike the final item off your list, Last-Minute Shopper’s Day is your chance! Last-minute shopping has been a cultural phenomenon for ages now, and the internet is rife with listicles on how to survive last-minute shopping for customers and insightful articles on how to attract last-minute shoppers for businesses.

History of Last-Minute Shopper's Day

The holiday or festive season is an annual recurrence in the Western world that runs from the end of November to early January. It encompasses major holidays like Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. It also happens to be the peak season for the Western retail sector.

The season mostly stems from the concept of ‘Christmastide,’ a period from December 25 to January 5 or the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” As capitalism began contributing greatly to the rise in the splendor of Christmas in the 19th and 20th centuries, “Christmas season” began to refer to the liturgical Christmas advent season — the period between the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. This religious event soon began to morph into something far more commercialized, thus becoming an ingrained part of American economics and culture by the mid-20th century. By the late 20th century, references to the period being called the “Christmas season” gradually changed into what is known to be the more secular “holiday season,” which also encompasses the celebrations of the Jewish Hanukkah and the African-American Kwanzaa.

Said season is rife with secular iconography, including Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty Snowman, along with public celebratory traditions like caroling, outdoor markets, and feasts, among others. The season is now considered to begin on the fourth Thursday of November until January 7, spanning Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Yule, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Last-Minute Shopper's Day timeline

4th Century
Western Christian Churches and the Birth of Christ

Western Christian churches celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25.

19th Century
“A Christmas Carol”

English author Charles Dickens creates the classic holiday story, “A Christmas Carol” — the message about the importance of charity and goodwill strikes a chord with the American public and people started reveling in gift-giving.

Black Friday

Police officers begin using the term “Black Friday” to describe the chaos that resulted when large numbers of people came into the city to begin shopping for the holiday.

Late 20th Century
A Secular Season

The “Christmas season” becomes a more secular “holiday season.”

Last-Minute Shopper's Day FAQs

What is another word for the “holiday season?”

Synonyms for “holiday season” include the terms ‘advent,’ ‘Christmastide,’ and ‘yuletide,’ among others.

How long is the Christmas season?

The Christmas season is about a month long.

How was the word ‘holiday’ coined?

‘Holiday’ comes from the Old English word ‘hāligdæg,’ which refers to “special religious days.”

Last-Minute Shopper's Day Activities

  1. Review your holiday shopping list

    Before you decide whether to participate in or refrain from the celebration of Last-Minute Shopper's Day, check to see if you’ve bought everything on your holiday shopping list. If not, you know what to do!

  2. Make a list of stores you need to visit

    If you have anything else left to buy, make a list of stores to visit. It will make the experience easier.

  3. Check availability of items online

    A lot of stores let you check the availability of specific items online. Make sure you check before you decide to brave the last-minute crowd.

5 Interesting Facts About The Christmas Season

  1. The busiest shopping day

    The busiest shopping day in the United States that substantially affects sales is on “Super Saturday,” which is the Saturday before Christmas.

  2. A Christmas tradition

    A popular Christmas tradition in Japan is to eat KFC on Christmas Day.

  3. Rudolph’s birth

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was first introduced in a 1939 advertisement for the Montgomery Ward department store.

  4. Jingle all the way to space

    ‘Jingle Bells’ was the first song to be played in space.

  5. The most dangerous months of the year

    November and December are the two most dangerous months because of holiday decorating-related injuries.

Why We Love Last-Minute Shopper's Day

  1. It’s a reminder to finally shop for the holidays

    Many people procrastinate when it comes to shopping. Last-Minute Shopper's Day is your last chance to shop before Christmas Day.

  2. It fosters a sense of camaraderie

    Last-Minute Shopper's Day fosters an odd camaraderie with other last-minute shoppers. We’re all in this together.

  3. It makes the most out of a stressful situation

    Last-Minute Shopper's Day is a fun way to address the situation without feeling too embarrassed. You’re not lazy, you just love celebrating Last-Minute Shopper's Day to the fullest!

Last-Minute Shopper's Day dates

2024December 24Tuesday
2025December 24Wednesday
2026December 24Thursday
2027December 24Friday
2028December 24Sunday

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