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GOAL Mile 2021 – December 25, 2024

GOAL Mile is held throughout December in various parts of Ireland and the world at large; though it is mostly celebrated on Christmas Day on December 25. It is one of Ireland’s most popular annual events and is seen as a Christmas tradition for many Irish families. GOAL Mile events are run by individuals and communities across the nation. The practice was first established in 1982 when Noel Carroll, the chairperson of GOAL Global, asked local people to run a mile at Phoenix Park on Christmas morning for the organization. It has been an annual tradition since then.

History of GOAL Mile 2021

GOAL was founded in 1977 when founder John O’Shea decided to work towards mitigating poverty and helping out with the first responses to humanitarian crises. Today, the organization is active in over 60 countries. It also functions to help communities survive crises and supports their subsequent recovery. According to the organization, “GOAL believes in a world where poverty no longer exists, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to well-being are removed and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.”

The GOAL Mile was first established in 1982 and has been a yearly tradition ever since. It is one of Ireland’s most popular annual events and is seen as a Christmas tradition for many Irish families. GOAL Mile events are run by individuals and communities across the nation.

The GOAL Mile helps the organization raise money and offers people across the globe the ability to actively participate in a Christmas tradition that embodies the holiday spirit of giving. The best part about the GOAL Mile is that it is widely accessible, regardless of physical location. There are over 150 GOAL Miles organized around Ireland. Don’t live in Ireland? You are free to join the mile virtually. The only thing that matters is your willingness to participate!

GOAL Mile 2021 timeline

John O’Shea is Born

O’Shea, the founder of GOAL, is born.

O’Shea Visits India

O’Shea visits India and witnesses childhood poverty.


GOAL is founded.


The first GOAL Mile is organized.

GOAL Mile 2021 FAQs

What time is the goal mile?

The GOAL Mile usually happens in the morning, though timings may differ.

Is GOAL a charity?

It is an aid organization.

Who is the CEO of GOAL Global?

Siobhan Walsh is the CEO of GOAL Global.

How to Observe GOAL Mile 2021

  1. Run the mile

    Do you want to participate? Either join a physical GOAL Mile or participate virtually.

  2. Talk about it on social media

    Help the GOAL Mile achieve a wider reach. Talk about it on social media.

  3. Donate or volunteer

    If you can offer funds or your time to GOAL, you can either donate to or volunteer with them! No amount or action is too small.

5 Fun Facts About Running

  1. Annual worldwide sales

    Over one billion pairs of running shoes are sold across the globe annually.

  2. The fastest mile

    The fastest mile was run by Hitcham El Guerrouj from Morocco.

  3. Blood pressure

    When we run, the human heart pumps blood at a pressure that would allow the blood to squirt 30 feet.

  4. Faster animals

    Rabbits, cats, and kangaroos are all faster than humans.

  5. Slower animals

    Pigs, squirrels, and elephants run slower than humans.

Why GOAL Mile 2021 is Important

  1. It’s a lovely tradition

    The GOAL Mile is a Christmas tradition for many families. We think it’s a wonderful tradition to have!

  2. It encourages the spirit of giving

    Christmas is all about the joy of giving. The GOAL Mile is a perfect reminder of that.

  3. It encourages movement

    Christmas is often a sedentary holiday. The GOAL Mile encourages some, admittedly rare, push to move your body during the holidays.

GOAL Mile 2021 dates

2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday
2028December 25Monday

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