Technology Holidays

World Backup Day – March 31

We're fortunate enough to have access to the most powerful computers to date, but what would you do if you lost everything on your computer? Crashes happen more often than you think, data recovery can cost you hundreds of dollars, and recovering everything you've stored on your computer is not guaranteed. We understand, life gets hectic and it's easy to forget to back up your files. Join us on March 31st, as we celebrate World Backup Day.

National Telephone Day – April 25

Can you imagine a world without telephones? How would you get in touch with someone? Send a messenger or possibly a dove? Believe it or not, that is how people would communicate with each other. Thanks to Mr. Alexander Bell, we no longer have to contact people in that fashion. On April 25, we celebrate National Telephone Day.

National Day of Civic Hacking – June 4

Each year, we celebrate National Day of Civic Hacking on June 4, a nationwide day of action created by the Code for America Brigades, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and Secondmuse in collaboration with various federal agencies. Thousands of people across the country on this day use their skills for good, and volunteer to carry out a number of challenges that leverage creativity, technology, design, and innovation to strengthen communities. Use this day to join developers, designers, government employees, data scientists, journalists, and your fellow citizens at a special event in your city.

National Video Game Day – July 8

There’s no better time than now to dust off that old Nintendo and haul your prized collection of video games out of the closet, because National Video Game Day happens on July 8 and this is one holiday we guarantee you won’t want to miss. Primarily utilized for recreational purposes (although professional gaming leagues do, in fact, exist), video games have taken our culture by storm over the last few decades. They’re exciting, they’re invigorating, but most importantly — they’re not just for kids. The very first video game ever invented involved table tennis and was played on an oscilloscope; today, there are over five million video games in existence. From high-speed racing adventures to perilous virtual dueling matches, there’s a genre of video games for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re young or old, meek or bold, let us unite with our fellow gamers and revel in the greatness of this special occasion.

National Radio Day – August 20

Good evening and thank you for joining us. On tonight’s broadcast, we’ll be discussing a time-honored tradition that has for decades been a source of joy, a focal point for debate, and a way to bring friends and family together. On this day, August 20, we celebrate National Radio Day, and we’ll be coming to you on all frequencies. A favorite song. A famous speech. Shocking news that changed the world. Over the years, listeners have experienced all of the above through the advent of the radio. And while the internet plays a huge role in how we listen to people and music these days, the radio is still an enormous part of that. While the invention of the radio was a decades-long process that slowly culminated into what we know today.

National Video Games Day – September 12

National Video Games Day is observed annually on Sept. 12. Video game players across the United States enjoy this day with much pride and enthusiasm. From their earliest days, video games have transformed into something more than just a 2D interactive experience - transcending use cases and becoming an industry on its own. National Video Games Day is a day to celebrate this new-ish pasttime! So grab a friend, a couple of controllers, and sidle up to your favorite gaming console.
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