Family Holidays

Discover fun and interesting family-related holidays. Tell your family members how much you love and appreciate them!

National Spouses Day
Romantic beach getaways, jointly-filed taxes, shared meals, buying your first home, trips to Ikea, and lots and lots of babies ...
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National Siblings Day
Started to commemorate siblings that had passed away while they were very young, National Siblings Day has become a political ...
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National Husband Appreciation Day
There are many words for this amazing man. Partner. Spouse. Hubby. Husband. Hunk … hopefully. We love and appreciate our ...
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Happy National Brothers and Sisters Day! Today is dedicated to the people that made your childhood memorable—and your siblings. (Just ...
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In 1961, the Peace Corps adopted the slogan “The toughest job you’ll ever love.” No offense, Peace Corps, but that ...
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National Brother's Day
When you were growing up, you may have envied only children. They never had to share their dessert, they were ...
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In 2012, the UN General Assembly declared the first ever Global Day of Parents. Since then, it has been held ...
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Father's Day
Ah, dads. Where would we be without them? No one to show us how to properly tuck a sweatshirt into ...
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Gorgeous Grandma Day
Maybe you call her Nana. Maybe you call her Granny. Maybe you call her when you’re in trouble because you ...
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National Cousins Day
National Cousin's Day is celebrated each year on July 24. This is the perfect day to let all of your ...
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Aunt and Uncle Day
Aunts and uncles are the best — they're like moms and dads, with all the fun and none of the ...
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Sisters Day
Maybe you have an older sister that you look to for guidance. Maybe you have a younger sister who is ...
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National Son And Daughter Day
No matter how tough our kids might make our lives from time to time, we all love our children. But ...
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National Senior Citizens Day
Do you have an elderly person in your life that you love and appreciate? August 21 —National Senior Citizens Day ...
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National Grandparents Day
The smell of cookies baking. Memories of learning how to ride a bike. Celebrating holidays. Receiving little gifts just because ...
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New Year's Day
New Year’s Day – January 1
National Spaghetti Day
National Spaghetti Day – January 4
National Trivia Day
National Trivia Day – January 4