Shopping Holidays

Discover fun and interesting holidays that are designed to help us get awesome shopping deals.

Amazon Prime Day – July 11

July 11 is Amazon Prime Day, a holiday to celebrate the anniversary of Amazon! Amazon celebrated the first annual Amazon Prime Day on July 15, 2015 in honor of the company's 20 year anniversary. The holiday, which is now celebrated annually, features incredible deals designed to rival those of Black Friday—if you're an Amazon Prime member that is. Prime was established in 2005, and today there are tens of millions of Prime members all over the world who pay a yearly or monthly fee for free shipping, streaming, and more.

National Secondhand Wardrobe Day – August 25

How many times have you bought an item of clothing, only to wear it once or twice and throw it away after years of collecting dust in the back of the closet? Sadly, the answer is too many times. Thankfully, there’s a movement taking place in America that could help save us from our wasteful selves: National Secondhand Wardrobe Day on August 25. Buying clothes second hand and donating your used clothing creates a positive cycle that is crucial for cutting back our waste. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma surrounding secondhand clothing stores, or thrift shops, but it’s time to bring this to light and talk about why it’s so flawed. Secondhand shopping saves you money, has a positive impact on the environment, and if done correctly, can certainly lead to a closet of some cool new duds. So on August 25, head to your favorite thrift store and get some new (old) threads!

Telephone Tuesday – September 5

If it seems like going back to work the Tuesday after Labor Day is always met with a bombardment of calls and a never ending line of people on hold, it’s not just you. Over the past few years, businesses have experienced the phenomenon known as Telephone Tuesday, when companies receive more inbound calls than on any other day of the year. This includes even Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So why the surge in calls after one of the most relaxing long weekends of the year? According to Marchex, an advertising analytics firm who first noticed the trend, it’s a mix of things. Summer ending, school beginning, and the holidays approaching all encourage people to finally cross things off their to-do lists. Studies have shown that in the last few years, the number of inbound calls surges by between 30 and 50 percent on Telephone Tuesday. So no, it’s not just hard to get back to work after the long weekend. There’s a lot of hard work waiting for you.

Singles Day – November 11

They say one is the loneliest number. But is it really? Could one really be the most fun number? That's why November 11 (11-11) is Singles Day. Started in China (probably in the lonely dorm rooms of Nanking University) in the early 1990s, it's a way for single people to celebrate themselves and their "single" status. Today, this festival has become the largest online shopping day in the world with sales on Alibaba's websites at $5.8 billion in 2013, $9.3 billion in 2014, $14.3 billion in 2015, and over $17.8 billion in 2016. Once Singles Day catches on in the U.S. and the rest of world, watch out!

Black Friday – November 24

Legend has it that Black Friday got its name back in 1961, when pedestrians and cars overcrowded the streets of Philadelphia in a rush to buy Christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving. Several decades later, as the term gained popularity, this explanation was replaced by the one that still sticks today—Black Friday is the day of the year when retailers finally start generating profit, thus going from "being in the red" to "being in the black." Get out your pocketbook and prepare to shell out some cash, because the Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year!

Small Business Saturday – November 25

In the age of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's easy to skip over the mom-and-pop shop for the big box store or online retailer, but there's good cause to keep our neighborhood shops in business, and that's what Small Business Saturday is all about. Celebrate with us on November 25!
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