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ThuDec 12

Green Monday – December 12, 2024

The second Monday of December is Green Monday on December 12! This isn’t a day dedicated to the environment (though that shouldn’t stop you from being eco-friendly), but to all that last-minute shopping we’re all getting in before Christmas officially takes over! So leave space on your credit cards, it’s a dash to the finish line!

History of Green Monday

Only 12 years old, this young retail holiday was coined by eBay in 2007 to describe the biggest online sales day in December. It’s called Green Monday because the second Monday of December tends to be the busiest sales day of the month, due to looming holiday shopping deadlines. It’s also, specifically, the last Monday with at least 10 days prior to Christmas — which is important if the gift you bought needs at least 10 business days to arrive. Stores tend to offer some great deals on Green Monday, with prices that can go head to head with Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Green Monday is utilized by top stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. By participating, they’re able to extend the excitement around Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Discounts can be substantial — some consider it Cyber Monday part 2 as it’s the second biggest day for online shopping. Its online aspect is most popular with Millennials and Gen X, as the majority of Baby Boomers prefer to shop in-store.

The “Green” in Green Monday refers to money, which shoppers are more willing to spend with less than two weeks remaining until Christmas. Green Monday comes with a sense of urgency, which translates into online sales as people rush to complete their holiday shopping lists. The day has never been as promoted or organized as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but plenty of retailers have gotten in on the holiday dash action by offering can’t-miss deals.

Green Monday timeline


eBay coined the term Green Monday to describe the busiest shopping day of December.

Retail Lexicon

Green Monday solidifies itself in the retail lexicon, and becomes the sixth busiest email marketing day of 2010.

Cyber Monday Rewind

Green Monday is officially established, with several big name retailers using some form of the term in their promo codes and advertising.

Happy Birthday

eBay celebrates the 10th anniversary of Green Monday by launching deals every hour.

Green Monday FAQs

What date is Green Monday?

Green Monday falls on the second Monday of December. 

What time does Green Monday start?

Green Monday sales start at midnight on popular retailers’ websites. 

What is Green Monday in Cyprus?

Cyprus’ Green Monday, also known as Clean Monday, is the first day of lent for the Greek Orthodox. 

Green Monday Activities

  1. Cross off your list

    Now's the time! Are you ready to finally complete that darn list that you didn't mean to forget about? Honestly, Christmas sneaks up on us every year, but this is your chance to say "I knew you were coming! And my list is almost complete!"

  2. Get something for yourself

    If you've already completed your Christmas shopping then it's time to get yourself a little treat. We can't always rely on our friends and family to get us exactly what we wanted, so why not utilizes this day to buy yourself the Christmas present you really want.

  3. Pay it forward

    Take some stress off of next-year-you by getting some 2020 Christmas shopping done early! Now next-year-you can relax and watch the holiday shopping season take the rest of the population as its victim!

Why We Love Green Monday

  1. It saves us at the last second

    Looking for the perfect gift is difficult. So difficult, that we'd rather do it tomorrow. But at some point, tomorrow become "only a few days left until Christmas", and we're wondering where the time went! Green Monday gives us the chance to redeem ourselves by saving money on items that would have been way more expensive if we'd done our shopping earlier. It all works out!

  2. We don't have to fight crowds

    Holiday shopping comes with a lot of peeves: crowded shops, messy shelves, and impossible parking situations. Green Monday is an online retail day, so stay home, get comfy, and eliminate a great deal of stress! 

  3. It's a reminder that the holidays are near

    In the minutiae of everyday life, we tend to lose track of time. Tuesdays feel like Thursdays and this week feels like last week. Green Monday grounds us in time so it doesn't feel like Christmas is jumping out of nowhere (even though it most definitely is!)

Green Monday dates

2021December 13Monday
2022December 12Monday
2023December 11Monday
2024December 9Monday
2025December 8Monday

Let’s get social

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#Cyber Monday #Black Friday #National Free Shipping Day

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