International Holidays

Some holidays are only celebrated in certain regions, or even certain towns — others are celebrated across the globe, bringing together different nations under a common cause. At National Today, we love celebrating 19 international holidays.

Chinese New Year,
Anzac Day,
Fair Trade Day, , , , , , ,
International Hummus Day, , , ,
Western Australia Day, ,
Philippines Independence Day, ,
National Aboriginal Day, , , ,
Nelson Mandela International Day, , , ,
British Columbia Day,
Heritage Day in Alberta, , ,
New South Wales Bank Holiday
Ninoy Aquino Day, ,
National Heroes' Day
Brazil Independence Day, ,
German Language Day,
Day of the Homeland, ,
European Heritage Days, ,
Shout of Dolores, , , ,
German World Children's Day, , ,
International Stout Day, ,

Where do international days come from?

Some international holidays are organized by the WHO, UN, or other international governing bodies. Others are created by brands looking to expand global reach and awareness around products. But whatever the event, origin, or cause, all international holidays offer an opportunity for celebrants to connect across borders.

How to submit an international holiday

Are we missing your favorite international day? If it's widely celebrated, let us know at our holiday submissions page! Be sure to have a bit of information about your holiday, like its track record of media coverage and evidence of it being commemorated on social media.