International Holidays

International holidays not only make us more cultured, but they give us another reason to celebrate throughout the year. Some holidays are only celebrated in certain regions, or even certain towns — others are celebrated across the globe, bringing together different nations under a common cause. From Chinese New Year to International Stout Day, we love learning more about our global neighbors and joining in on their festivities.

Chinese New Year,
Anzac Day,
Fair Trade Day, , , , , , ,
International Hummus Day, , , ,
Western Australia Day, ,
Philippines Independence Day, ,
National Aboriginal Day, , , ,
Nelson Mandela International Day, , , ,
British Columbia Day,
Heritage Day in Alberta, , ,
New South Wales Bank Holiday
Ninoy Aquino Day, ,
National Heroes' Day
Brazil Independence Day, ,
German Language Day,
Day of the Homeland, ,
European Heritage Days, ,
Shout of Dolores, , , ,
German World Children's Day, , ,
International Stout Day, ,
World Candle Month, ,

Where do international days come from?

Most international holidays come from the individual country's cultural traditions like China's Qingming Festival on April 4, which has been around since 636 BCE, or iconic moments in the country's history like Queensland Day in Australia. Some holidays are created by the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and other international governing bodies while others are created by brands who may be looking to expand their global reach and awareness surrounding their products. 

Whether it's the U.K's Burns Night on January 25 or the Hindu holiday of Durga Puja taking place from October 22 to the 26, we recognize and celebrate all of the world's cultural, traditional, and celebratory holidays occurring throughout the year. No matter the event, origin, or cause, all international holidays offer an opportunity for celebrants to connect across borders.

How to submit an international holiday

Are there any international holidays on the list that we've missed? If so, click that "Submit A Holiday" button below and educate us. All we need from you is the name of the holiday, a little bit of background, and why it's celebrated internationally. Fill us in on all the details, and we'll do the rest of the work.