Financial Holidays

Financial holidays may not sound like the liveliest of festivities, but who doesn’t love getting money, saving money, and spending money on the right things? That’s why we’re happy to celebrate 6 financial holidays every year!

Where did financial holidays come from?

The best known financial holiday — Tax Day (April 15th) — was decided for us by the IRS. Others, like National Insurance Awareness Day (June 28th), have more mysterious origins, although online commentators suspect financial institutions had a hand in their creation. Whether these rumors are justified or not, it is difficult to imagine the type of crusader who'd take it on themselves to remind the world to update their insurance.

But maybe financial holidays are important precisely because of their not-so-sexy subjects. Activities like shopping for insurance or creating a sensible 5-year financial strategy need regular triggers far more than drinking booze or eating cookies. So while our 3 financial holidays may not be cause for celebration, they are opportunities to consider your relationship to the substance that keeps the world turning.

Submit your favorite financial holidays

We always love to celebrate more holidays here at National Today. If we're missing your favorite financial holiday — if favorite is the right word — let us know at our holiday submission page! Before you submit the holiday, please compile a bit of information that tells us more about the day. Has it been spread on social media? How many people celebrate it every year? We look forward to hearing from you!