Fashion Holidays

There is so much more to fashion than the clothes we wear. For many, fashion constitutes an art form, like painting or architecture. There’s thought put into the detail, the execution, and the presentation of the pieces that designers create, no matter the price point. Without fashion, we’d be wearing the same drab, functional pieces of clothing day in and day out— so we’re ecstatic to celebrate nearly a dozen fashion holidays each year.

Where did fashion holidays come from?

As with all good things, we can trace the origins of fashion back to Marie Antionette. Rose Bertin, also known as the "Minister of Fashion," served as dressmaker to the former Queen of France. She designed outfits for Marie Antionette that helped portray her as less of an outsider. Antionette hoped her clothing choices would help French citizens connect with her. (Clearly, it didn't work.)

Though Bertin might have helped found fashion, the first modern fashion designer is considered to be Charles Frederick Worth. Also located in Paris, he was so successful by the 19th century that he could actually tell his clients what to wear instead of the other way around. And voila, fashion trends were born!

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, purveyors of fine clothing emerged from all over the world. The likes of Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and later on Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, and Tommy Hilfiger brought their own unique tastes to audiences always looking for the next best trend.

In recent times, fashion brands and labels have created holidays and celebrations to help commemorate fashion's fascinating history. Just look at National Dress Day, created by Ashley Lauren to celebrate just how much dresses impact our lives for the better! Which item of clothing changed your life?

Submit your favorite fashion holidays

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