Education Holidays

We can all remember the teacher who changed our life. Teachers and mentors have lasting impacts on how we see and navigate the world, and that’s why we’re so excited to celebrate 8 education holidays each year.

Where did education holidays come from?

Though the concept of school was invented fairly recently (relatively speaking), the rudiments of education have been around for forever. The first public school, Boston Latin School, was founded in 1635. However, during the time period, family members would teach the basics of literacy and math—establishing them as the earliest form of mentors. By the mid 19th century, traditional schooling took over. Families were no longer educating their children, and school become compulsory. It was the beginning of our modern education system!

However, the education system was never perfect. Tax-supported female education wasn't even established until 1767, and if focused on more domestic pursuits. And that's only one of the problems education holidays aim to draw attention to. International Day of Women and Girls and Science (Feb 11) was established by the United Nations to end bias in science and technology. But other holidays, like Museum Selfie Day (Jan 21) , simply want to get people to enjoy learning. So get educated about the holidays you should celebrate this year—and then go thank your teacher!

Submit your favorite education holidays

Are we missing an education holiday you love to celebrate every year? Let us know at our holiday submission page. We'll ask you for some more details about your holiday to make sure it's widely celebrated, so make sure you've compiled a bit of history about the day.