Why do we celebrate education holidays? If it weren’t for education, we wouldn’t know our ABC’s from our 123’s, and we don’t think The Jackson 5 would approve in the slightest. So we take a moment to thank the teachers who changed our lives and the mentors who never gave up on us. They’ve all made lasting impacts on us and our views on the world, which is why we’re so excited to take a moment to celebrate the 9 holidays commemorating education every year.

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National Women's History Month,
National Learning and Development Month,
Self Improvement Month,
National Book Month, , ,
National Scholarship Month, ,
Jan 10 Monday
National Fourth Graders Day, ,
Feb 7 Sunday
National Periodic Table Day
Feb 12 Friday
Darwin Day, ,
Apr 16 Friday
National Librarian Day, ,
Apr 18 Sunday
National Velociraptor Awareness Day, ,
Apr 20 Tuesday
Chinese Language Day,
Apr 21 Wednesday
National Kindergarten Day,
Jun 15 Tuesday
National Bug Busting Day, ,
Jun 28 Monday
Tau Day
Aug 8 Sunday
Dying to Know Day, ,
Sep 24 Friday
National Punctuation Day — September 24,
Oct 13 Wednesday
ADA Lovelace Day
Oct 16 Saturday
Dictionary Day, ,
Oct 20 Wednesday
National Day on Writing,
Nov 11 Thursday
National Education Day
Nov 14 Sunday
Children's Day,
Dec 17 Friday
Wright Brother's Day, ,
Dec 22 Wednesday
Mathematics Day,
Sep 14-20
National Coding Week
Nov 15-21
Book Week Scotland