National Couple Appreciation Month – April 1, 2019


Flowers. Love notes. When’s the last time you went out of your way to show some unexpected affection to your other half? If you can’t remember your last date night, it might be time to start stoking the romantic fires again. April, which just so happens to be National Couple Appreciation Month, is just the right time to perform some sweet overtures. This month is a perfect excuse to show your boo thang the extra love and affection they deserve.

National Couple Appreciation Month - History


Beyonce and Jay-Z Tie the Knot

Bey and Jay’s wedding officially makes this power couple the King and Queen of the music industry.


Tom Cruise Professes His Love for Katie Holmes

Tom makes the ultimate show of couple appreciation from atop Oprah’s couch.


Romeo and Juliet Die for Love

Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers show us how agonizing true love can really be.


Modern Wedding Vows Are Born

“For better or for worse” and other familiar wedding scripts are first published in the “Book of Common Prayer."

National Couple Appreciation Month Activities

  1. Put it in writing

    Appreciating your little snookie wookie wookums can be as simple as writing down a few super sweet widdle words of affection and tucking them into pookie’s briefcase. Want to add a special touch? Jot down a line or two from a romantic poem or love song.

  2. Take a trip down memory lane

    Going out for a fancy dinner might be fun, but nostalgia is often more meaningful and certainly cheaper. Instead of dropping cash on a big gesture, take your one-and-only to the spot where you proposed or where you first met. Then break out some old photos to help pave the path down memory lane.

  3. Make a mixtape

    Go legit old school by making your sugar bear a mixtape on cassette (okay, you could go digital if you’re into the modernity thing). Fill it with songs that make you think of boo, or with references to special memories you share. We dare you not to feel like you’re crushin’ middle school style while you’re choosing your favorite slow jamz.

Why We Love National Couple Appreciation Month

  1. It’s an excuse to revive the romance

    The flames of romantic love can sometimes flicker out when left unattended. That’s why it’s good to have a reminder every now and then. Tell your love muffin you want to celebrate by showing them some extra appreciation in April, and just see if they don’t get a little excited.

  2. It’s a whole month long

    Valentine’s Day only lasts 24 hours, but National Couple Appreciation Day lasts a whole *consults calculator*... 720 hours! Having a weekly date night in April means four or five special nights with bae instead of just the one.

  3. It’s all about your sweetie

    Let’s face it — you fell for your significant other for a reason. Maybe she’s got the brightest smile on the planet or he’s the best dancer in town. Couple Appreciation Month is about appreciating the things that made you fall, and maybe even finding a reason to fall harder.

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