Save Your Vision Awareness Month – March 2023

Save Your Vision Month is observed in March and serves as a reminder to take care of your vision. As life becomes more digital, the intense glare from screens, blue light, and more cause strain on our eyes. The eyes are sensitive to light as well. Throughout the month, people are encouraged to schedule appointments with their opticians for vision exams and take precautions to protect their eyes.

History of Save Your Vision Awareness Month

Save Your Vision Month is sponsored by the American Optometric Association. The observation aims to increase awareness about eye care and instill good habits. With the demanding nature of our jobs and social lives requiring us to stare at screens, many people neglect to protect their eyes. Overexposure to screens and even the sun, not getting adequate sleep, and an unhealthy diet can contribute to eye strain and bad eyesight.

A recent survey found that the average American spends at least seven hours a day using electronic devices, and prolonged use over a period can damage our vision, disturb our sleep patterns, and affect our overall health. Having our eyes glued to our mobile screens, T.V. screens, or laptop screens has become second nature for most of us, and we take our sight for granted. Interestingly, even though technology continues to advance, we have failed to cultivate good eye-care practices that are essential for everyone to follow at this point.

Delaying eye checkups worsens the situation. Just like visiting the dentist regularly is a must for all, so is getting regular eye checkups. Save Your Vision Month is a saving grace, promoting and campaigning for better eye health habits. Funds raised go to Optometry Cares®—The AOA Foundation.

Save Your Vision Awareness Month timeline

The First Ophthalmic Hospital

The first ophthalmic hospital is established in London.

Contact Lenses

Sir John Herschel suggests the idea of contact lenses.

The Ophthalmoscope

Hermann von Helmholtz invents the ophthalmoscope.

Digital Strains

The theme for Save Your Vision Month is ‘Focus on limiting eye strain from digital blue light.’

Save Your Vision Awareness Month FAQs

When is Save Your Vision Month?

March is National Save Your Vision Month.

When is Healthy Vision Month?

Healthy Vision Month is observed in May.

How can I save my eyesight?

There are several ways to reduce eye strain and protect your eyesight. In addition to limiting screen time, not reading in the dark, and having a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, consult your eye specialist for the best practices.

How to Observe Save Your Vision Awareness Month

  1. Schedule an appointment

    Visit your eye specialist and get eye examinations done. Follow the requirements for safeguarding your vision.

  2. Improve your diet

    A poor diet leads to poor vision in the long run. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and make sure that your body doesn’t have any deficiencies.

  3. Avoid squinting

    Many of us squint as a reflex and it has become a habit. After getting your eyes checked, get the correct lenses for correcting your vision instead so you won’t have to squint when looking at objects.

5 Tips On How To Protect Your Vision

  1. Eat properly

    Make leafy vegetables a staple in your diet, and eat food rich in Omega-3 too.

  2. Take vitamin supplements

    A healthy diet is for maintenance while adding supplements to your routine will boost your vision.

  3. Practice the 20-20-20 rule

    When staring at a screen, after 20 minutes, look away toward an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

  4. Wear sunglasses

    Exposure to the sun causes irreversible damage to the eyes, so shield your eyes with sunglasses.

  5. Take care of the skin around the eyes

    It is delicate, so absolute care must be taken when applying sunscreen or makeup around the eyes.

Why Save Your Vision Awareness Month is Important

  1. Our eyes are a blessing

    Sight is a gift that we should not take for granted. Eye damage is potent and for life, so it is important to take care of the one set of eyes we have.

  2. Prevention is better

    It is better to prevent eye strain and damage than to spend a lifetime treating it. Take all the necessary steps to reduce vision loss and keep your eyes healthy.

  3. It encourages better eye care practices

    Digital devices and screen time are not going away anytime soon, so building good habits throughout Save Your Vision Month and beyond would be beneficial to everyone.

Save Your Vision Awareness Month dates

2022March 1Tuesday
2023March 1Wednesday
2024March 1Friday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday
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