Drinking Holidays

From hot chocolate to hot toddies, there are hundreds of fantastic drinks to liven up special occasions and normal days alike. At National Today, we love celebrating the 34 drinking holidays.

Jan. 17National Hot Buttered Rum DayDrinkingU.S.
Jan. 24National Beer Can Appreciation DayDrinkingU.S.
Jan. 31National Hot Chocolate DayDrinkingU.S.
Feb. 18National Drink Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
Feb. 22National Margarita DayDrinkingU.S.
Mar. 5National Absinthe DayDrinkingU.K.
Apr. 6New Beer's EveDrinkingU.S.
Apr. 7National Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
May 9National Moscato DayDrinkingU.S.
May 16National Mimosa DayDrinkingU.S.
May 25National Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
May 30National Mint Julep DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 5National Moonshine DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 9National Rosé DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 10National Iced Tea DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 14National Bourbon DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 19National Martini DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 10National Piña Colada DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 19National Daiquiri DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 24National Tequila DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 27National Scotch DayDrinkingU.S.
Aug. 4International Beer DayDrinkingWorld
Aug. 16National Rum DayDrinkingU.S.
Aug. 28National Red Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
Sep. 7National Beer Lover's DayDrinkingU.S.
Sep. 28National Drink Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
Sep. 29National Coffee DayDrinkingU.S.
Oct. 4National Vodka DayDrinkingU.S.
Oct. 27National American Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
Nov. 3International Stout DayDrinkingWorld
Nov. 12National Happy Hour DayDrinkingU.S.
Dec. 5National Repeal DayDrinking, HistoricalU.S.
Dec. 10National Lager DayDrinkingU.S.
Dec. 20National Sangria DayDrinkingU.S.

Where did drinking holidays come from?

We've been drinking water to survive for as long as we've been alive. But did you know that alcohol didn't come that long after? When farming was invented, other types of alcohol were invented as well. Vodka came from potatoes. Beer came from wheat. And it all happened before we even learned to write—clearly people had their priorities straight.

In fact, in the 16th century, alcohol was more common than water. People drank ale because water wasn't safe to drink! Wine was the drink of the wealthy—imported from France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Coffee came into the picture around the 17th century. Discovered in Ethiopia, it was brought to England and quickly became a crazy. Tea soon followed suit.

Fast forward centuries later: enthusiasts and brands alike started creating holidays to celebrate their love for everything drinkable. Which is your favorite beverage?

Submit your favorite drinking holidays

Are we missing your favorite drinking holiday? If it's widely celebrated, let us know at our holiday submissions page! Be sure to have a bit of information about your holiday, like its track record of media coverage and evidence of it being commemorated on social media.

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