National Wrong Trousers Day – July 1, 2022

Wrong Trousers Day will be observed on July 1 this year, and we owe it to the British for creating an event where the wackiest bottom wear can also help raise awareness for an important cause. Whether from the comfort of your own home, school, or workplace, everyone has a chance to participate in this national event, which aims to raise funds for children’s hospitals and hospices across the U.K. Not only does observing this day help support sick children and their families, but it also brings communities together in a fun way, which is why we are excited about this day. The idea is fairly straightforward — to participate, simply don the weirdest trousers you own (or raid your parents’ closets), keeping the rest of your outfit normal, and get ready to raise some awareness (and a few eyebrows) as you show off your look and donate for the “right to look wrong.”

History of National Wrong Trousers Day

It was back in 1997 that the first Wrong Trousers Day event was held, in support of sick children through raising funds for the Bristol Childrens’ Hospital. It was launched by The Grand Appeal, a fundraising charity, and Aardman (creator of the series “Wallace and Gromit”). A few years before the event, in 1993, the second installment of the popular animated film series, “Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers,” was released. The plot was essentially about a villainous penguin using the duo’s “robotic techno trousers” in a diamond heist. Inspired by this film, the foundation decided to name the event Wrong Trousers Day and the rest, as they say, is history.

Though initially, the sole purpose of this event was to fundraise for the hospital, the movement expanded to include supporting sick children in hospitals and hospices across the U.K. Wrong Trousers Day then became a national observance once the Wallace and Gromit Childrens’ Foundation was set up in 2003. The foundation aimed to support children’s healthcare throughout the U.K. and the event gained a lot of traction this way. Ever since its officiation in 2003, Wrong Trousers Day has successfully raised nearly one million GBP to support sick children across the country. Part of the reason for its smashing success is because of the fun appeal that this cause has, by encouraging all participants to wear their weirdest or most comical pants in their various institutions or places of work. We can’t help but get excited about the chance to break the rules and possibly commit a fashion crime, since it’s for a good cause!

National Wrong Trousers Day timeline

“The Wrong Trousers” is Released

The next “Wallace and Gromit” stop-motion animation film titled “The Wrong Trousers” is released.

“The Wrong Trousers” Receives an Oscar

The film receives an Academy Award for ‘Best Animated Short Film.’

Wrong Trousers Day is First Observed

The first Wrong Trousers Day event in support of the Bristol Children’s Hospital is held.

Wrong Trousers Day Goes National

Wrong Trousers Day gains popularity and becomes a national event in the U.K., thanks to the Wallace and Gromit Childrens’ Foundation.

National Wrong Trousers Day FAQs

Where is “The Wrong Trousers” set?

“The Wrong Trousers”  film is set in London. 

Where can I watch “Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers”?

Netflix of course! If it’s not available in your particular country, a quick Google search should help you out. 

Who wore the wrong trousers?

First, the penguin does, then Wallace, and finally the wrong trousers decide to wear themselves and walk off into the sunset. If this is confusing, we suggest giving the film a watch. 

How to Celebrate Wrong Trousers Day

  1. Pick out a pair of trousers

    Wear a pair of trousers, but not just any trousers, of course. Make sure they are as wonderfully weird as they can be and, since there are no rules, you can get creative, too. Any kind of bottom can be worn, from a bikini bottom to a kilt — and the wackier the better. Just be careful not to have the fashion police on your tail!

  2. Launch your own campaign

    Social media is a wonderful tool when it comes to such purposes, so why not make full use of it today. Whether you make a reel, TikTok, or live video, get creative and showcase your questionable taste in bottom wear, loud and proud. You can link to important donation sites and use the hashtag #WrongTrousersDay to join in and spread the cause. The Wrong Trousers Day online toolkits can help to give you some inspiration.

  3. Organize a movie screening

    Whether you decide to watch with friends and family, or your larger community, organize a movie screening of “The Wrong Trousers” as you observe Wrong Trousers Day. If you want to go bigger, why not do a screening of the movie for children in your local hospital or hospice?

5 Facts About Trousers That Will Make You Gasp

  1. The oldest trousers

    In China, trousers which had been around for 3,300 years were discovered recently.

  2. Trousers are not English

    The English word ‘trousers’ actually originates from the Scots word ‘trews.’

  3. Horse-riding was the reason for trousers

    Trousers were invented to make horse riding attire more comfortable.

  4. Middle-aged men wear their trousers high

    According to a 2010 survey, at 57, men wear their trousers the highest, just seven inches below their armpits.

  5. Saggy trousers are not a crime

    If you like saggy trousers, you can breathe a sigh of relief —in 2010, a New York judge ruled that wearing saggy trousers was not a criminal offense.

Why We Love Wrong Trousers Day

  1. Fashion faux pas for a cause

    We all know of fashion and fashion shows being held in support of a cause. But when have you ever heard of fashion crimes being committed to support a good cause? That’s the kind of rule-breaking we support, as Wrong Trousers Day gives us the freedom to look as weird as we want while supporting a great cause.

  2. It’s a community affair

    Nothing brings communities together as a worthy cause does. And to top it off, Wrong Trousers Day makes sure that there is fun for all who are involved in spreading awareness and donating — be it in person or virtually.

  3. Children can help children

    The great thing about this event is that children can participate and help spread awareness about the cause in their various places of education or within their local communities. Not only is it fun for kids, but it also helps build values like empathy and compassion, as children are made aware of the need to support others like them who are ill and going through a tough time.

National Wrong Trousers Day dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday

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