Chinese National Day – October 1, 2021

FriOct 1

Chinese National Day is on October 1, which is an annual celebration in the Taiwan Area of the Republic of China. The day marks when they witnessed the end of the dynastic rule and the march towards democracy. It is an important milestone in the rich history of the Republic of China.

History of Chinese National Day

The beginning of the Chinese Revolution in 1911 brought an end to the monarchical system and catalyzed a democratic wave in China. It was a result of efforts from the nationalist forces to bring about democratic norms and check foreign powers.

Chinese National Day honors the start of the Wuchang Uprising that eventually led to the end of the Qing Dynasty and later the establishment of the Republic of China. This day known as Double Ten Day or Double Tenth Day is due to the fact that the uprising came into being on October 10, 1911. The Wuchang Uprising was followed by the Xinhai Revolution revolutionary forces that ended over 2,000 years of dynastic rule in China and the beginning of the Republican Era from 1911 to 1949.

In mainland China, this day is known as the Anniversary of the Wuchang Uprising and is celebrated by many. Most of the Taiwanese employees have a holiday from work, memorial celebrations are held, and the overseas population of China also hosts parades in their respective cities. Taiwan celebrates the festival by a flag hoisting ceremony in front of the Presidential Building followed by singing the National Anthem of the Republic of China. Post this, a parade is held from the Presidential Building to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial where the president of Taiwan gives a speech. Fireworks are lit to conclude this historic day of celebration.

Chinese National Day timeline

October 10, 1911
Wuchang Uprising Begins

The uprising and the start of the Xinhai Revolution begins as revolutionaries challenge foreign countries’ encroachment, government corruption, and resentment over Manchu rule over Han Chinese.

February 12, 1912
End of Qing Dynasty Finalized

The last emperor Puyi abdicated his throne on this day to mark the official end of the Qing Dynasty.

Chinese Civil War

At the beginning of the year, the Communist Party of China (CPC) fights a civil war with Kuomintang (KMT).

Relocation to Taiwan

The Republic of China loses control of Mainland China and relocates to Taiwan.

Chinese National Day FAQs

Is Chinese National Day the birth of China or Taiwan

No, the Chinese National Day marks the birthday of the Chinese Nationalist Party.

How is Chinese National Day celebrated?

In Taiwan, it starts with a flag hoisting, followed by a parade, a presidential speech, and finally fireworks at the end of the day.

How long is the Chinese National Day?

The Chinese National Day is a one-day celebration that includes a host of activities enjoyed by Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

How To Celebrate Chinese National Day

  1. Spread the culture

    While celebrations may not be possible outdoors, you can learn about the culture and use that knowledge to educate your peers.

  2. Take a trip

    Plan a safe trip ensuring you are following all precautions during COVID. Do a road trip to a nearby destination and book a bed and breakfast.

  3. Cook a traditional Taiwanese meal

    Outdoor celebrations may be suspended but you can prepare Taiwanese delicacies and meals. Invite your close ones over and relish the food with them.

5 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

  1. It has the best temples

    Taiwan is home to beautiful temples that boast magnificent Chinese architecture.

  2. It has the best night markets

    Taiwan’s night markets are a paradise for all food lovers. There is something in store for every type of eater.

  3. It is known as butterfly kingdom

    Taiwan is home to almost 400 species of butterfly hence earning the title of butterfly kingdom.

  4. Belief in Confucianism

    Based on the teaching of Confucius, Taiwan places great emphasis on maintaining harmony in the world.

  5. First Asian Democratic Republic

    Taiwan is known as the first Asian democratic republic after it brought about changes by ending the monarch rule.

Why Chinese National Day is Important

  1. Underlines the existences of two entities

    Chinese national day showcases the existence of two entities, traditional China and modern China.

  2. Marks the ushering of democracy

    Chinese National Day is in commemoration of the Wuchang uprising that led to the fall of the monarchy.

  3. Establishment of Republic of China

    This day marks the ushering of monarchy and the establishment of the Republic of China.

Chinese National Day dates

2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday
2025October 1Wednesday